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Barb Lindquist is a retired US pro triathlete, former world #1, 2004 Olympian, All-American Swimmer at Stanford, current USAT Collegiate Recruitment Program Coordinator and USAT Level II Certified Coach. In 2010 she was inducted to the USA Triathlon Hall of Fame. Her focus is on maximizing each of her athlete's potential whether they are age groupers or pros. Find more about being coached by her to maximize your potential at barblindquist.com

Daily Swim Workout #63: Race Simulation

By | 2019-01-30T12:14:41+00:00 February 4th, 2019|Swim Workouts|

Race Simulation 1500 ** Power rack= 4 as 12.5fast,3 as 25fast, 2 as 37.5 fast, 1 as 50fast. ** On deck JS, etc.. is to simulate the run in and dolphin dives for a beach start triathlon.   Race Simulation 2550 400 every 4th 50 as 25 scull/25 surf kick. 5x50 power rack on 50. [...]

Daily Swim Workout #62: Threshold

By | 2019-02-01T07:44:53+00:00 February 1st, 2019|Swim Workouts|

Threshold 1650 ** Bit longer than usual, you can do it! ** Neg Split (NS) is second half faster than the first half. Threshold 3200 500 w/u choice. 8x25 ODD half fast/half easy, EVENS build on 30-40. MS:12x200. 3 first 100 pace faster (not all out tho) than last 100 thr pace. 1 as 25polo/25fr/25 [...]

Daily Swim Workout #61: Pure Speed

By | 2019-01-22T12:52:29+00:00 January 31st, 2019|Swim Workouts|

Pure Speed 1400 Pure Speed 2700 400 every 4th 50 as 25dr/25k or choice(band?). MS: 12x50 every 3rd all out on 55-60. 200 aerobic of 6 strokes SA/6 regular- rotation! 12x50 #1ez, #2&3 all out on 55-60. 200 aerobic as 25bk/25fr. 12x50 #1 ez, #2-4 all out on 55-60. 100 w/d. Pure Speed 5000 800 [...]

Daily Swim Workout #60: Race Simulation

By | 2019-01-22T12:52:25+00:00 January 30th, 2019|Swim Workouts|

Race Simulation 1400 Race Simulation 2500 300 as 100free/50drill. 400 starting with the band. Kick hard with it (emphasizing small circle) for half a length, drop it while still swimming, swim 2 lengths feeling teh small kick back to the midpool where you dropped it. Put it on, kick hard 1 length which is midpool [...]

Daily Swim Workout #59: Strength Drills & Kicking

By | 2019-01-22T12:52:20+00:00 January 29th, 2019|Swim Workouts|

1600 Strength Drills + Kicking ** Not supposed to be a tough heart workout, though muscles might fatigue through it. Slow it down to work on technique. ** polo, straight arm drill, RA/LA are on attachment. ** surf kick= lock arms straight out in front, lock thumbs together, chin on surface. kick will be a [...]

Daily Swim Workout #58: Pure Speed & Strength

By | 2019-01-22T12:52:16+00:00 January 28th, 2019|Swim Workouts|

1300 Pure Speed 2500 Pure Speed 400 every 4th length teeter totter drill- think body position by pressing front part of TT down. 4x100 as ODDS 25Fast/25Easy, Evens 50 build/25Fast/25ezback on 2'? MS: 2 rounds of... (4x25 all out on 35". 100 easy on 4 red line rest. 4x50 all out on 1:10 100 easy [...]

Daily Swim Workout #57: Threshold

By | 2019-01-22T08:22:43+00:00 January 25th, 2019|Swim Workouts|

1400 Threshold ** Banjo Billy is just that type of fast/easy pattern from my favorite swim coach. ** Threshold effort is an effort you can hold steady for the whole set without a lot of rest between reps, ideally moving towards middle of 1500 race pace. A smidge faster on those 100's and 150's might [...]

Daily Swim Workout #56: Threshold

By | 2019-01-16T08:06:10+00:00 January 24th, 2019|Swim Workouts|

Threshold 1500 Threshold 2850 400 every 4th length choice nonfree. 8x25 variable sprints on 30. MS: ** 150's on 4 red line rest, 75's on 3 red line rest or better yet, pick an interval after the first few repeats!!! 1x150 4x75 25fr/SA/fr. 2x150. 3x75 25fr/SA/fr. 3x150. 2x75 25fr/SA/fr 4x150 paddles. 1x75 w/d. **variable sprints= [...]

Daily Swim Workout #55: Pure Speed

By | 2019-01-16T08:05:57+00:00 January 23rd, 2019|Swim Workouts|

Pure Speed 1300 Pure Speed 2500 200 every 4th length scull. 300 every 3rd length kick. 200 every 2nd length fastER (build through set) 6x50 band + paddles on 3 red line rest. MS: 12x50 desc 1-3 to all out,#4 all out on 55-60. 200 as 25dr/25fr easy. 12x50 minipower rack on 55-60. 100 w/d. [...]

Daily Swim Workout #54: Technique

By | 2019-01-15T09:09:20+00:00 January 22nd, 2019|Swim Workouts|

Technique 1150   Technique 2800 400 every 3rd length is half teeter totter drill or half scull. 6x50 band + paddles (that means no buoy!) on 3 red line rest, slight desc 1-3. MS: ** Intervals, take the rest you need, 3-4 red line. 800 w/paddles only free as build 300 to strong, 100back ez, [...]