Chocolate Coconut Energy Bites

Ever go through droughts in your training? The motivation is gone, your race is far away, your goals seem too big?   I’m still only a few weeks into marathon training and I’m thirsty for some drive. I have slept through my alarm 4 out of 5 times this week with no excitement to get [...]

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Daily Swim Workout #193: Threshold

Threshold 1450 Warm up 600 with 300 as 50fr/25dr, 300 as 50fr/25k Main Set: 250 on 20" rest but a little more effort than standard threshold. 2x125 on 15" rest threshold. 25-50-75-100 on 5" rest! Cool Down 100   Threshold 2600 600 with 300 as 50fr/25dr, 300 as 50fr/25k, 300 as 50fr/25polo. MS: 2 rounds [...]

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Daily Swim Workout #192: Speed Endurance

Speed Endurance 1300 Warm up 200 every 4th length shark/sailboat drill. 2x100 as #1 25F/25E Main Set: Take the all outs one at a time, no pacing for the set. Chose an interval that leaves you ready to attack the next repeat, close to 1:1 work to rest ratio, but not quite. 1x100 4x25 2x50 1x100 [...]

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