Daily Swim Workout #117: Speed Endurance

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Speed Endurance 1550   ** Take these 100’s all out one at a time! No pacing for the whole workout. ** Adjust 100’s interval as needed. You should get at least 30” rest.     Speed Endurance 2600 300 every 3rd length teeter totter, 200 every 2nd length faster, 100 threshold. Warmup set: 3x50 desc [...]

Endurance Fuel: White Bean & Veggie Soup

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“So, like, what do you eat?” This might be my least favorite question and it seems to perpetually follow my introduction as a registered dietitian. I could present a 45-slide powerpoint bestowing my greatest wisdom of the latest nutrition research and the curious minds will still want to know what, specifically, is on my dinner [...]

Daily Swim Workout #116: Threshold

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Threshold 1400   Threshold 2500 600 as 150 as 25Straight arm drill/25free. 100 as 25scull or teeter totter/25free. 50 as build free x 2. 6x50 as 3 desc, 3 25Fast/25Ez on 55-60" MS: 10x150 2 steady threshold pace on 3 red line rest. 2 a bit more effort than threshold but on 4 red line [...]

Daily Swim Workout #115: Race Simulation

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1500 Race Simulation   2900 Race Simulation 600 as 100fr/50bk/100fr/50kick. MS: 2 rounds of… (400 broken 10"@each 100, practicing speed of start of race. 2x200 threshold on 3 red line rest. 100 very easy.)   5000 Race Simulation 900 as 100fr/50bk/100fr/50kick. MS: 600 broken 10"@100 speed of start of race. 3x300 on 4’ threshold. 200 [...]

Daily Swim Workout #114: Pure Speed

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Pure Speed 1500   ** Intervals on 50’s should give you enough rest to go fast. Error on the side of more rest if in doubt. ** Power rack= 4 as 12.5fast, 3 as 25fast, 2 as 37.5fast, 1 as 50fast. ** All other drills are on handout!!! RA/LA/scull/teeter totter/straight arm.     Pure Speed [...]

Daily Swim Workout #113: Threshold

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Threshold 1550   Threshold 3000 500 as 100free/100straight arm drill/50back. 6x50 desc 1-3 on 1’. MS: 4x150 steady on 3 red line rest. 2x300 on 4 red line rest. Slight Negative Split (NS) with second half faster than first half. 4x150 steady with paddles on 3 red line rest. 1x300 fastest 300 all day! 100 [...]

Daily Swim Workout #112: Race Simulation

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Race Simulation 1350   ** This set teaches to recover at threshold (middle of 1500 race pace) pace, which you need to do in a race!   Race Simulation 2700 400 mix it up! Drill, band, kick, what works for you! 3x50 descend 1-3 on 1’. 6x25 as 10 strokes really fast off each wall [...]

Daily Swim Workout #111: Speed Endurance

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Speed Endurance 1350   ** Take these all out efforts one at a time! Speed Endurance 2500 500 every 4th 50 as 25high elbow scull/25fist drill. 9x50 as 3 25Fast/25Ez, 3 descend to threshold, 3 25F/25E on 1’. 50 easy. MS: 6x100 all out, open turn, 25 easy on 2'!!! 100 easy choice. 4x75 all [...]

Protein Pancakes

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A typical Saturday morning for me looks like this: 7:45 am: Wake up naturally or by an alarm 8:00 am: Get dressed and have a small breakfast of a banana and/or a small granola bar and a tall glass of water with an electrolyte tablet 8:30 am: Out the door to run for 60-90 minutes [...]

Daily Swim Workout #110: Threshold

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Threshold 1400   ** Start out NS and descend easy in order to get faster through the set. **Var spr= #1 half fast/half easy, #2 half easy/half fast, #3 build, #4 sprint.   Threshold 2700 400 as 100fr/50dr/50build fist free. 4x50 variable sprints on 50. MS: Do on 3-4 red line rest. 400 Negative split [...]