Daily Swim Workout #164: Pure Speed

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Pure Speed 1500   Pure Speed 2500 200 every 4th length High elbow scull. 200 every 4th length kick. 200 every 2nd length fast. MS: 12x50 where you rotate the half pool sprint through the 4 segments: #1 12.5fast/37.5ez, #2 12.5E/12.5F/25E, #3 25E/12.5F/12.5E, #4 37.5E/12.5F. On 55-60”. 5x100 desc 1-3 to threshold effort, hold 4&5 [...]

Daily Swim Workout #163: Kick Focus

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Kick Focus 1500   ** All kicking is hard, all free easy. ** 3 red line rest between 200's and 150's. ** That 25 kick with right arm in front is like this: Right arm in front, think about long boat, left arm at side. Kick on stomach. When you need to breath, roll head and [...]

Daily Swim Workout #162: Pure Speed

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Pure Speed 1550   Pure Speed 3000 600 every 4th alternate scull and choice. 15x25 desc 1-3 on 30. 25 easy. MS: 300 with paddles, off every wall 4 strokes fast no breath. 4 red line rest. 8x50 build on 55-60, so last 12.5sprint. 200 easy. 200- off every wall 4 strokes fast no breath. [...]

5 Tips on How to Stay Injury Free While Running

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One of the most annoying things as a runner is getting injured. It's one of the most dreaded things that can happen to you. It keeps you from running, it's painful, which is the most nagging thing, and it’s going to keep you from whatever goals you had set out to do. Not only that, [...]

Daily Swim Workout #161: Aerobic Strength

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Aerobic Strength 1600 ** RA/LA= right arm only or left arm only drill from attachment. Do the whole 150 with the same arm!! Burn, baby, burn.   Aerobic Strength 2500 300free every 4th length high elbow scull, 200 free slight build of each 50, 100 choice. MS: 9x200 #1 and #2 free aerobic effort on 3 [...]