Daily Swim Workout #89: Threshold

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Threshold 1600 ** NS and descend really tests your pacing. Interval is a bit easier so you can start out conservative. NS= second half faster than the first half. Descend 1-3 through the 3 rounds. Threshold 2700 300 every 3rd length full body roll kick. 200 as 25F/25E. 100 choice. 6x25 on 30" as 6 [...]

Daily Swim Workout #88: Race Simulation

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Race Simulation 1500 ** No rest in the transition from fast to threshold. **Fast = get out speed, be risky and aggressive. **Feel free to make interval adjustments on 100 easy, just make sure you feel ready to go for the 5-4-3-2. Make sure technique on that 100 is good, it's not slop. Race Simulation [...]

Daily Swim Workout #87: Speed Endurance

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Speed Endurance 1450 ** Take those all out efforts one at a time. No pacing for the whole set of quality. Your times may slow through the set, but eventually you will do sets like this with little drop off Speed Endurance 2600 600 as 150fr/100dr/50k. 3x100 band + paddles on 3 red line rest. [...]

Vegetarian Coconut Stir-Fry

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When I was in grad school, there was this authentic Thai restaurant in a quaint house right in the middle of a downtown neighborhood. I’m pretty sure the restaurant doubled as the owner’s actual house because when it got especially busy, you’d see a few waiters scramble up the stairs for several minutes before they [...]

Daily Swim Workout #86: Threshold

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Threshold 1250 Threshold 2500 400 w/u as 50free/25 Straight Arm drill or teeter totter drill/25 building speed free. 6x50 desc 1-3 on 55-60. MS: 2x300 on 3 red line. 3x200 on 3 red line with paddles. 6x100 Desc 1-3, then Ascend (fast to slow) 4-6, chose an interval that gives 3 red line rest on [...]

Daily Swim Workout #85: Race Simulation

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Race Simulation 1600 Race Simulation 2500 300 every 3rd length HE scull drill. 200 every 2nd length fastER. 100 choice. MS: 2 rounds of... (2x200 get out speed on 4 red line rest- get uncomfortable. 2x250 threshold on 3 red line rest. 100 easy on 5 red line rest.) Race Simulation 5000 400 every 4th [...]

Daily Swim Workout #84: Speed Endurance

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Speed Endurance 1250 Speed Endurance 2600 600 as 150fr/100drill/50kick on side. 10x100 on 2:15-30. Do a 25 ez free after the 100, but still on the 2:15-2:30 interval. All out. Go for it. Take them one at a time. 50 easy. After MS, 3x200 as 50polo/50RA/50polo/50LA on 3 red line rest. Aerobic but focus on [...]

Daily Swim Workout #83: Threshold

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Threshold 1300   ** Power rack= 4 as 12.5fast, 3 as 25fast, 2 as 37.5fast, 1 as 50 fast.   Threshold 2800 400 every 4th length high elbow scull drill or backstroke. 10x50 power rack on 50”. MS: Threshold effort. Move from one set to the next with no extra rest. 4x150 slight descend of [...]

Daily Swim Workout #82: Speed Endurance

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Speed Endurance 1650   ** FAST= FAST!!! All out!!! Speed Endurance 2900 350 as 100free/50drill/25kick on side x2. 6x100 as #1 25RA/25build/25LA/25fast. #2 25Fast/25EZ. #3 threshold effort. All on 4 red line rest. 50 easy. MS: 12x150 on 4 red line rest. #1 50FAST, open turn to see time, 100 easy. #2 100FAST, open turn [...]

Meal Prep: Freezable Egg Sandwiches

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To support a colleague, I attended a free talk she was teaching at my local library about meal planning. I walked into a room full of eager home cooks, sitting at the edge of their metal folding chairs, clenching on to their “weekly meals” printout (and accompanying grocery list, of course). Under each seat laid [...]