Daily Swim Workout #191: Pure Speed & Kick

Pure Speed + Kick Focus 1500 Warm up 400 as every 4th length HE scull drill Main Set: 400 as 100overkick/25surfkick/25fr/25Surf/25fr on 20" rest. 300 as 25F/25E/50F/50E on 20" rest. 200 as 6 strokes fast no breath off each wall Cool Down: 100 easy free **Make fast really fast and easy really easy but not slop! [...]

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What Causes a Runner’s High? | Runner’s High

    Whether you're new or an experienced runner, you're probably familiar with a runner's high. Whether you've had it or somebody just told you about it, you know, that's a thing and you’re kind of wondering, how does a runner's high come about? Well, stay tuned on today's episode of Runners High with me [...]

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Berry Superfood Smoothie Bowl

I’ve been a smoothie bowl girl long before the cult of artfully stripped pink bowls appeared all over social media. There are now even acai bowls on the menu at Costco. That is when you know it is mainstream. I would 10/10 choose eating my food with a spoon over a straw. Milkshakes, broths, smoothies-- [...]

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Daily Swim Workout #190: Threshold

Threshold 1600 Warm Up 300 every 4th length nonfree choice. Main Set: All on 15" rest, steady strong effort through the whole set, pace for whole set. 300 middle 100 IM. 3x100 free. 300 with paddles. 3x100 on 25" rest, but go at least 2” faster than the first set of 100’s. Cool Down 100 [...]

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Is My Long Run Pace Too Fast?

  Since you run, I know you go out for long runs. It's the bread and butter of what you do. But do you know if you're going too fast or going too slow? Well, I'm Jesse Funk. And on today's episode of Runners High, I'm going to talk about is long run pace to [...]

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Daily Swim Workout #189: Pure Speed & Strength

Pure Speed + Strength 1300 warm up 150 free 150 of 25drill/25 perfect stroke   Main set: 8x100 with paddles.#1 25F/75E, #2 25E/25F/50E, #3 50E/25F/25E, #4 75E/25F on 15-20" rest Cool Down 200 aerobic 50RA/50LA/100perfect stroke. ** Really go for it on the 12.5’s and 25’s fast! Pure Speed + Strength 2600 150 free 150 [...]

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