What is a Tempo Run?

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Tempo! Can I ask you something? What is tempo? Often times in coaching circles, the language we speak with can be presented very loosely.  This language is also referred to as nomenclature. The way that one coaches uses a term, might be meant to be something very different when used by another coach. There is [...]

Daily Swim Workout #44: Technique & Strength

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Technique + Strength 1400   Technique + Strength 2700 600 as 100choice/100band only. MS: Aerobic on 3 red line rest. 2 rounds of... (200 as 25 high elbow scull/75free. 150 as 25 Catch only with hip drive/50free. 100 as half length polo/half length free. 50 back easy. 5x100 on threshold interval holding form.) 100 w/d. [...]

Daily Swim Workout #43: Threshold

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Threshold 1300   Threshold 2550 400 every 4th length nonfree choice. 2x200 as 25FAST/25 easy fist drill on 20"rest. 50 easy. MS: Threshold. No extra rest set to set! 2x300 even pace on 4 red line rest. 3x200 slight negative split on 3 red line rest. 4x100 with paddles desc 1-3, then hold 3's pace [...]

Daily Swim Workout #42: Pure Speed

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Pure Speed 1300   Pure Speed 2600 400 every 4th length alternate high elbow scull drill and backstroke. 6x50 desc 1-3 on 1'. 50 easy. MS: 2 rounds of... (8x25 as #1-2 10 strokes fast off the wall; #3 all fast, #4 all easy on 30-40". 5x100 as 50 all out, open turn to see [...]

Stuffed Dates

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This one is for the cyclists. I look at you the way most look at me. “Oh, you run marathons? You’re just crazy.” You ride a bike for hours? That is just crazy. I have trust issues with my feet being permanently connected to a two-wheeled teetering object. But, I pretended to be a cyclist [...]

Daily Swim Workout #41: Threshold

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Threshold 1300   Threshold 2650 450 as 100free/50choice- build free efforts through set, so that you are ready to go for MS. 6x50 descend 1-3 on 55-60. MS: 12x150 Threshold steady even pace effort. 6 free on 3 red line rest where effort on #3 and 6 are just 2-4" faster for the repeat. 2 [...]

Daily Swim Workout #40: Body Position & Kicking

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Body Position & Kicking 1500 Body Position + Kicking 2500 600 as 150fr/100drill/50kick, 150free/100 band only/50kick. 400 aerobic as 25 teeter totter/75fr/50 rotating kick/50free on 4 red line rest. 5x100 as 50 free kick with board fast/25 fly kick on back/25 free easy on 3 red line, with fins if you have them. 400 as [...]

Daily Swim Workout #39: Pure Speed

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  Pure Speed 1300 Pure Speed 2600 400 every 4th 50 as 25 high elbow scull (think body position too on this drill)/25choice nonfree. MS: 18x50 in sets of 6. #1&2 as 25Fast/25Ez (can be back) on 55-60. #3 all easy breathing every 5th stroke on same interval as above. #4 ALL fast on 50 [...]

Daily Swim Workout #38: Light Threshold

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Light Threshold 1300   Light Threshold 2700 400 choice but mix it up. MS: All on 3-4 red line rest, steady strong effort. 2x250. 4x150 as 50back/50breast pull with fly kick/50free breathing every 5th stroke. 2x250. 6x100 IM working the kick the whole set. I know a challenge!!!! Can do polo for fly if you [...]