Daily Swim Workout #81: Aerobic Strength

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Aerobic Strength 1400   Aerobic Strength 2600 300 mix it up, 200 as 25fist drill/25 faster free, 100 choice. MS:2x(400-300-200-100). Take extra 30" btwn rounds. Round #1: strength drills, all on 3-4 red line rest. 400 every 4th length polo drill. 3x100 steady on 3 red line rest. 200 every 4th length backstroke. 100 steady. [...]

Daily Swim Workout #80: Threshold

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Threshold 1550 Threshold 3000 600 as 150free building by 50's slightly/100drill/50kick choice. 6x50 desc 1-3 on 55-60". MS: 4x200 free on 3 red line rest. 400 as every 4th 25 back or polo on 5 red line rest. 4x200 free on 4 red line rest, but 2" faster average than the 200's on the first [...]

Daily Swim Workout #79: Technique

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Technique + 100's- 1400 Technique + 100's- 2700 400 as far half of pool from midpool to midpool is polo, near half is free. keep the pull wide when you transition from polo to free. 7x100 desc 1-3 to threshold on 1:45, then hold 4-7 at threshold on 1:40. 600 as 6 strokes free/6SA/4fr/4Sa/2fr/2SA , [...]

Daily Swim Workout #78: Speed Endurance

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Speed Endurance 1200 ** teeter totter and HEScull drills are in the attachment ** take these 100's one at a time and go for it! Speed Endurance 2500 200 start of every 50 do half length teeter totter. 200 start of every 50 do half length High elbow Scull. 9x25 desc 1-3 to fast on [...]

Daily Swim Workout #77: Threshold

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Threshold 1200 Threshold 2650 200 as 12.5 teeter totter/37.5free. 200 as 25fist drill/25 build free. MS: 2 rounds of.... (3x125 last 25 polo on 3 red line rest. 3x200 free on 4 red line rest.) 100 perfect stroke w.d. Threshold 5400 600 free every 4th 50 nonfree choice. Build free through set. 8x25 as odds [...]

Sweet Potato Toast – 3 Ways

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At the start of the year, my inbox is flooded with, “2019 Food Trends” articles and 99% of them go unopened. I like to keep food fads at a far, far distance. I’ll pass on the celery juice and unicorn food, thanks. But, oh how things change when sweet potatoes are involved. One food trend [...]

Daily Swim Workout #76: Variety

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Variety 1500 ** This workout is 3x500 with 30" rest between. The pattern has the same thing for the first part of each (ie 200 below) and the same thing for the second part (50 below). ** All kicks without board- can be on back, fly, on side, surf- except 200 can be with board. [...]

Daily Swim Workout #75: Speed Endurance

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Speed Endurance 1350 Speed Endurance 2600 200 as 12.5 teeter totter/37.5free. 200 as 12.5 roll body kick/37.5free. 200 as 12.5 polo/12.5free. 2 rounds of... (4x25 as #1 6 strokes fast, #2 10 strokes fast, #3 all fast, #4 all easy on 30". 3x50 desc 1-3 to strong on 55-60".) MS: 4x100 all out on 2:15. [...]

Daily Swim Workout #74: Threshold

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Threshold 1350 ** negative split= second half faster than the first half, by 2", so maybe a 1:27/1:25, just as an example. Threshold 2700 300 every 4th High elbow scull drill. 200 every 4th fast. MS: 10x200. Odds Neg split by 2", Evens sprint 50/150middle of race feel, on an interval that gives about 10-15" [...]

Daily Swim Workout #73: Technique

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Technique, Aerobic 1500 Technique, Aerobic 2500 300 every 3rd kick on side 200 every 2nd HESculll MS: 2 rounds of.... Take 3-4 red line rest btwn. Let your conscious be your guide with effort, but easy aerobic is completely fine! (400 with body balance focus. Free, with start of every 100 do half a lenght [...]