Daily Swim Workout #155: Aerobic Strength

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Aerobic Strength 1500   Aerobic Strength 2700 Warm UP straight swim: 100 free, 200 every 4th length drill, 300 every 4th length kick, 400 free build each 100. MS: On 3 red line rest aerobic effort. 100-200-300 every 3rd length back with paddles. 400 take paddles off and do threshold effort. 300-200-100 paddles back on [...]

How to Run a Sub 20 Minute 5k

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Video Transcript Below So, you want to break 20 minutes in your 5K? I'm guessing that you're getting pretty serious about running. And you want to know, what are all the tips or all the tricks, what are all the things that the people that have been running forever know? Well, I'm Jesse Funk and [...]

Smart Athlete Podcast Episode 1 – Ryan Ross – Motivation is Everything Part 1 of 3

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Transcript of Audio  Click here for Part 2 Click Here for Part 3   Part 1   “You've got to enjoy what you're doing because it's part of your motivation is your enjoyment for what you're doing, and I'm a firm believer that motivation is everything. It is everything.”   JESSE: Here today, my guest [...]

Daily Swim Workout #153: Aerobic Strength

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Aerobic Strength 1450   ** polo, RA/LA (right arm only drill), first are in attachment ** breast pull with hard flutter kick= more arms fast. ** If you can’t do fly, do free or polo Aerobic Strength 2800 300 every 3rd length back/200 every 2nd length kick/100 choice. MS: Aerobic effort 2 rounds on 2-3 [...]

Sheet Pan Dinner – Mexican Fiesta Style

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I finished back to back weekend triathlon races as I’ve been consistently reminded by my current ability to play guitar on my hamstrings. I am always left cursing my previous self for not properly cooling down.   I am in full ‘chill’ mode this week to recover from the chaos of the last two races. [...]

Daily Swim Workout #151: Kick Focus

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Kick Focus 1600   ** Effort today is aerobic except for kicking parts, especially with the board. ** Overkick= very hard kick with very easy and SLOW arms. You will get like 10-16 kicks per arm pull. Arms just going through the motion, legs working. BUT, hard legs does not mean BIG circumference legs! Keep [...]

Daily Swim Workout #150: Aerobic Strength

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Aerobic Strength 1500   ** Aerobic effort, but make intervals on the 50’s on 40, so might have to giddy-up there. Aerobic Strength 2500 400 as 100free/50k/50dr. MS: Move one set to the next without extra rest. 3x250 paddles only, odds as 100polo/75bk/50breast/25fr, evens free breathing 3, 5, 3, 5, 3 by 50's on 3 [...]