Quick Chicken Chili

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Can we all just collectively agree that swimming in the winter time is rough. First, you have to develop the fortitude to actually enter the pool. I love to observe how other people prolong jumping into the inevitably chilly water. “Stretching” “Adjusting goggle straps” “Re-situating their equipment bag” Ok, I admit when I say, other [...]

Daily Swim Workout #36: Pure Speed

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Pure Speed 1300   Pure Speed 2600 450 as 100fr/50drill choice. 9x50 band + paddles on 55-60, every 3rd a bit faster. MS: 9x200 on 4 red line rest. Have the fast FAST and the easy EASY, which does not mean slop! Focus on technique on easys. #1 5 strokes no breath fast off each [...]

Daily Swim Workout #35: Light Threshold

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Light Threshold 1300   Light Threshold 2700 600 as 50free/25scull/50free/25 totter- build free effort through the set. 8x50 variable sprints on 55-60". MS: 8x200 on 3 red line rest. Be steady. 2 free, 2 with paddles only, 2 free, 2 paddles. 100 w/d.   Light Threshold 4900 600 as 50free/25scull/50free/25 totter- build free effort through [...]

Daily Swim Workout #34: Pure Speed

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Pure Speed 1200   Pure Speed 2700 400 every 4th length high elbow scull. 4x75 as ODDS 12.5 polo/12.5free, evens 25 as 6 strokes fast on breath/25 of 8 strokes fast one breath/25fast with 2 breathes on 1:20. MS: 12x25 as 6 strokes fast on 30" 200 aerobic as 50polo/50back. 12x25 odds easy, evens all [...]

Daily Swim Workout #33: Body Position & Kicking

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  Body Position 1400   Body Position 2600 450 as 100fr/50band only. See if going back and forth helps figure out in the body position how to keep the hips up. 300 as 25 teeter totter/25fr/25rotating kick drill/25fr. 150 as 25faster/25easy. MS: 16x100 in sets of 4. 3-4 red line rest. #1 band + paddles- [...]

Daily Swim Workout #32: Threshold

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  2550 Threshold 400 every 4th length nonfree choice. 2x200 as 25FAST/25 easy fist drill on 20"rest. 50 easy. MS: Threshold. No extra rest set to set! 2x300 even pace on 4 red line rest. 3x200 slight negative split on 3 red line rest. 4x100 with paddles desc 1-3, then hold 3's pace for #4 [...]

Snickerdoodle Protein Dip

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I have officially taken out my hammer and nail because it is back to the build phase, yet again. It always astonishes me how quickly we lose fitness. Didn’t I just run 26.2 miles a few short weeks ago? I now become asthmatic walking up a flight of stairs. In my hiatus from running, I [...]

Daily Swim Workout #31: Strength

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  2600 Strength 600 as 100free/25 high elbow scull/25back. MS: 400-300-200-100 with paddles only, all negative split on 3 red line rest. 30"extra rest. 6x150 build by 50's so last 50 of each is FAST on 3 red line rest. 100 w/d. ** Neg Split (NS)= second half faster than first half.   5300 Strength [...]

Daily Swim Workout #30: Pure Speed

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  2600 Pure Speed 400 every 4th length alternate high elbow scull drill and backstroke. 6x50 desc 1-3 on 1'. Learning pacing yet? 50 easy. MS: 2 rounds of... (8x25 as #1-2 10 strokes fast off the wall; #3 all fast, #4 all easy on 30-40". 5x100 as 50 all out, open turn to see [...]

Daily Swim Workout #29: Race Simulation

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Race Simulation 1200   Race Simulation 2400 600 every 4th 50 as 25high elbow scull drill /25kick on your side. 12x25 as odds 10 strokes fast off the wall, #2 all fast, #4 all easy . On 30-40". MS: 10x150 2 rounds of... (#1 FAST! Get out speed at the start of a race! 4 [...]