Homemade Sports Drink

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It is, yet again, that time of year where my hair sticks to my back and my shorts stick to my legs. My sweaty hands wipe off my sweaty face onto my sweaty shirt. You’ve probably guessed it by now, but I'm the sweaty kid. My mom always said sweating a lot meant you have [...]

Sheet Pan Dinner – Mexican Fiesta Style

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I finished back to back weekend triathlon races as I’ve been consistently reminded by my current ability to play guitar on my hamstrings. I am always left cursing my previous self for not properly cooling down.   I am in full ‘chill’ mode this week to recover from the chaos of the last two races. [...]

Flat Bread Salad

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My mind has a tendency to take captive a particular lyric and replay it for an entire race. Seriously, every time I compete there is a single line of a song that echos in my head hundreds (or thousands) of times. I’m just thankful we are out of the ‘Call Me, Maybe’ phase of radio. [...]

Protein Mac ‘n’ Cheese

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I have been training for a triathlon race for 5 months and I forgot to sign up. My triathlon season opener is this weekend and it kind of snuck up on me. And when I say ‘kind of’ I mean I signed up for the Sunday race on Thursday. This came after an especially intense [...]

Chicken Gyro

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The Mediterranean diet has continually joined the ranks as a top diet for healthy Americans. While I don’t strictly follow a particular diet (or advise others to do so) there are several aspects of the Mediterranean diet that I choose to add to my own eating choices. The core principles of the diet center around [...]

Raw Snickers Bar

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I feel like an imposter. I haven’t shared a dessert recipe in months and that is so out of character for me. I hold myself to a standard of a minimum of one dessert per day. I have always had a major sweet tooth and I have tried everything to tame it. Only eat fruit [...]

Chicken & Vegetable Fried Rice

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I have a really big, special secret, cook-like-a-pro tip. Toasted Sesame Oil. Chicken, rice, and vegetables? Boring. Chicken, rice, vegetables, and toasted sesame oil? Gourmet meal. I’m pretty sure I could put toasted sesame oil on a piece of stale bread and I would get compliments on it. Sesame oil + soy sauce is my [...]

Endurance Fuel: White Bean & Veggie Soup

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“So, like, what do you eat?” This might be my least favorite question and it seems to perpetually follow my introduction as a registered dietitian. I could present a 45-slide powerpoint bestowing my greatest wisdom of the latest nutrition research and the curious minds will still want to know what, specifically, is on my dinner [...]