//Daily Swim Workout #43: Threshold

Daily Swim Workout #43: Threshold

Threshold 1300


Threshold 2550

400 every 4th length nonfree choice.
2×200 as 25FAST/25 easy fist drill on 20″rest.
50 easy.
MS: Threshold. No extra rest set to set!
2×300 even pace on 4 red line rest.
3×200 slight negative split on 3 red line rest.
4×100 with paddles desc 1-3, then hold 3’s pace for #4 on 3 red line rest.
100 w/d.

Threshold 5350

600 every 4th length nonfree choice.
2×200 as 25FAST/25 easy fist on 3′.
50 easy.
MS: Threshold.
6×300 on 4:05, 4′, 3:55. Repeat. 30″extra rest.
8×200 on 2:45, 2:40, 2:35, 2:40. Repeat.  30″ extra rest.
10×100 all on 1:30, ODDS IM just make the interval, EVENS holding under your threshold pace, but not all out.
100 w/d.

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