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Jesse has a long history in athletics. Being an active endurance athlete for over 18 years. He worked helping people find their perfect shoe for several years before moving onto his own entrepreneurial ventures. Currently he races triathlon and is in charge of running Solpri LLC.

3 Staple Workouts for Busy Runners

[00:00:00] If you’re like the rest of us, you’re probably busy, but you want to keep running and you’re not quite sure how to do that. So, how do you fit in running when it takes a lot of time? I’m going to give you three staple workouts for busy runners today. If you haven’t [...]

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6 Running Myths Debunked

[00:00:00] Whether you’re new to running or you’re an old hat like me, you’ve probably heard a lot of common sense wisdom thrown your way in the running community. A lot of these actually turn out to be running myths And on today’s episode of Runner’s High, we’re going to get into this. [00:00:27] If [...]

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My Perfect Running Bedtime Routine

[00:00:00] As a runner, if nothing else, you’re probably a creature of habit. You know the days of the week, based on what your run is. At least I know I do. When it’s coming up, oh, it’s Tuesday. It’s a long run. Oh, Wednesday, it’s got to be Wednesday, there’s tempo today. I know [...]

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Can Running Cause Sciatica?

[00:00:00] So, it seems like here on the channel, it’s injury week. That’s what’s on my mind because I have a stress fracture. So, I want to talk about something else that’s kind of near and dear to my heart. That’s a really weird way of putting that. But I want to answer the question: [...]

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What To Do If You Get A Leg Cramp From Running?

  [00:00:00] You’ve headed out for a run or probably come back if you’re watching this, and you got a leg cramp while you were out. It’s so painful. It’s like your legs seizing up, this pain just strikes you and you simply cannot move. And you’re wondering, for the future, what can I do [...]

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Should I Hire a Running Coach?

[00:00:00] You’ve been running for a while and you’re considering hiring a running coach. You want to know hey, Jesse, that’s me, is hiring a running coach worth it? So, if you haven’t been with me here on the channel before, I’m Jesse Funk. This is a show I call Runner’s High. And all the [...]

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