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Jesse has a long history in athletics. Being an active endurance athlete for over 18 years. He worked helping people find their perfect shoe for several years before moving onto his own entrepreneurial ventures. Currently he races triathlon and is in charge of running Solpri LLC.

Why am I SHIVERING After Running in the HEAT?

[00:01] If you look outside behind me, you can see it is summer. It’s hot outside, super hot, it’s getting to you. So, you’ve gone out for your long run, and you’ve come back, and you’re actually shivering. And you’re wondering what’s going on? Well, that’s what I’m going to tell you on today’s episode [...]

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Should I Buy a GPS Running Watch?

[00:01] As runners, our sport is very, very low tech, all you really need is shorts, shirt, shoes, maybe socks. Those are good too. And we’re ready to go. We don’t need a whole lot, right? But there’s this idea that all of this tech can help us, especially watches. So, I’m Jesse Funk and [...]

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Does stretching prevent running injuries?

[00:01] You see the recommendation everywhere stretch, stretch, stretch, you’ve gotta stretch. Even I’ve made recommendations like this, you’ve gotta stretch, you’ve gotta warm up, do all these things before you go out and run. But, you may have recently seen, and this is why you’re here with me that stretching may not be as [...]

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What to Eat During a Taper Week?

[00:01] It’s finally here. It’s race week, it’s time for you to put your fitness to the test to figure out, hey, have I got any faster? Am I going to hit that PR? But your question this week is, what the heck do I eat? Well, I’m Jessie Funk and on today’s episode of [...]

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Does Running in the Snow Slow You Down?

[00:01] We’ve finally reached that time of year, despite my shorts well, because I’m inside. It’s actually pretty cold outside, and is threatening snow at the moment. So, you like me might be wondering, does running on snow actually slow you down? [00:25] This is something I face every year as a person living in [...]

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How to RECOVER After Your First Half Marathon?

[00:01] So, you’re getting ready to complete your first half marathon. Or maybe you’re at the finish line watching me. Congratulations for finishing. And now you’re wondering, what do I do next? What do I do to recover from this thing that I just did, that I put myself through, that I finally completed. And [...]

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