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Jesse has a long history in athletics. Being an active endurance athlete for over 18 years. He worked helping people find their perfect shoe for several years before moving onto his own entrepreneurial ventures. Currently he races triathlon and is in charge of running Solpri LLC.

3 Strength Training Tips for Runners

[00:00:00] You may think because you’re a runner, all you need to do is run. And generally speaking, you’re pretty right. Going out to run is going to make you a better runner. But it’s not the only thing you can do. And especially if your time crunched, not the only thing you can do [...]

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Does running in nature make you happier

[00:00:00] Where you live has a big effect on where you decide to go run. If you live in the middle of downtown Chicago, you may be running down the Riverwalk, as I saw people when I made a trip to Chicago. Or if you live in the suburbs, you may be pounding the pavement [...]

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5 Symptoms of Nutrient Deficiency in Runners

[00:00:00] So, you’ve been doing everything right. Your training plan is on point, you’ve been sleeping enough, you think you’re eating plenty so you should have energy, but you just don’t feel good. So, you say to yourself or you say to me, Jesse, I’m doing all the things that you say here on this [...]

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6 Ways to Start Running When You Hate It

[00:00:00] So, you want to get into running, but you actually hate it. That means you’ve probably never seen me, never been on this channel before. But I’m Jesse Funk. This is a show I call a Runner’s High where we talk about everything running. And today, I’m going to help you get into running [...]

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The Benefits of Running into Old Age

[00:00:00] Would you consider yourself old? I certainly wouldn’t consider myself old yet as I’m in my early 30s. But I am looking forward into older age and trying to think about, can I keep running? Are there health benefits of continuing to run into old age? So, today, I’ve done the research, looked into [...]

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The Benefits of Running Alone

[00:00:00] A number of times on this channel I’ve mentioned that running is really a social activity. And it’s great to find a group or a club or a team or friends, somebody you can run with, to make your run more enjoyable, keep you more consistent. But there are plenty of benefits of running [...]

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Do Carbs Help Muscle Recovery?

[00:00:00] One of the biggest parts of running culture is probably being able to eat whatever the heck we want. Also beer, although I don’t participate so much in the beer side. But carbs, and eating whatever we want is a huge part of running culture. However, you may be asking yourself, which is good, [...]

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