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About Ryan Ross

Ryan Ross is the owner of Coast To Coast Triathlon in Olathe, KS. Ryan is a USA Triathlon Level 2 Certified Coach. Ryan is a graduate of USA Triathlon Elite Mentorship program and has also held coaching certification with USA Cycling. Ryan has worked with athletes for 12 years from beginners to Kona Qualifiers to Olympians. He can be reached at ryan@coasttocoasttriathlon.com.

What is a Tempo Run?

Tempo! Can I ask you something? What is tempo? Often times in coaching circles, the language we speak with can be presented very loosely.  This language is also referred to as nomenclature. The way that one coaches uses a term, might be meant to be something very different when used by another coach. There is [...]

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The 2 Essential Things to Focus on During Winter to Make Your Next Race Season a Success

  Failing to plan, is planning to fail. Nowhere is that more evident in a triathlete’s life than with their off season conditioning. Notice I used the word ‘conditioning.’ Let’s not concern ourselves with preparing to race, or even what distance of race we want to be ready for in June. Your goal today should [...]

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