Daily Swim Workout #321: Feel Swim

Feel swim 1500 400 every 4th length scull, HES, alt press, chicken wing (swim with hands in armpits and driving the elbow to reach!) MS: 3x100 Right paddle left fist on 15" rest 2x100 Swim no pads on 15" rest solid effort. 3x100 Left Paddle right fist on 15" rest 2x100 Swim no pads on [...]

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Should you wash your running shoes?

It's inevitable that sooner or later your running shoes are going to get dirty. Even if you're on the road or on a sidewalk, you're not going anywhere near trails, they're going to get dirty. It's going to be a rainy day, you're gonna get puddles, there's going to be who knows what on your [...]

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Daily Swim Workout #320: Threshold

Threshold 1800 Warm up 500 as 200 free, 150 as 25drill/50free, 100IM, 50 choice. 8x25 variable sprints MS: (Think of these as 500 minisets.) 2x250 on 15" rest 5x100 on 15" rest slightly faster effort than 250’s.   Cool Down 100 ** Variable sprints #1 as half fast/half easy, #2 half easy/half fast, #3 build, [...]

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Can You Stretch Too Much?

You've seen advice all over the internet, including here on this channel, you should stretch after you run. But can you stretch too much?    The short answer is yes, absolutely, you can stretch too much. If that's all you need, you just need a yes or no, hit that subscribe button and get the [...]

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