The Benefits of Uphill & Downhill Running

[00:00:00] Maybe you’ve been running on the flat lately, and you just say, I want the fastest course I can possibly find. But you have friends that go out and they go run super hilly difficult courses. And you’re like, what the hell are you doing? Why are you doing that? Well, today I’m going [...]

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How to Prevent Achilles Tendonitis from Running

[00:00:00] It’s been a while since we’ve talked about anything injury here on this show. And maybe that’s because I really haven’t been dealing with anything. Anytime I get injured I think, hey, I need to make a video about this and the things I’ve been going through. But it came to my attention that [...]

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Should You Run with a Weight Vest?

RH_Should You Run with a Weight Vest [00:00:00] If you’re like me, you’re always looking forward to the next thing you can do, the next little trick to try to get the most out of your running, out of yourself, out of your fitness, anything you can possibly do to get that gain that nobody [...]

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The Unwritten Rules of Running

RH_The Unwritten Rules of Running [00:00:00] Like most sports, running has a lot of unwritten rules, things you may not learn about until you’ve been running for a while, and somebody tells you, yeah, don’t do that. That’s because you shouldn’t do this because there’s that thing. So, there’s a whole series of unwritten rules [...]

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Smart Athlete Podcast Ep. 124 – Paul Marobella – SUCCESS COMES IN MANY FORMS

SAP_Paul Marobella PAUL: [00:00:00] The most successful people that I know whether they’re pro athletes or former pro athletes or have made career transitions to other professions or CEOs of large organizations; one thing you learn from them is that they are very coachable no matter what level they’re at. And as someone that’s run [...]

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6 Things to Focus on During The Running Off Season

RH_6 Things to Focus on During The Running Off-Season [00:00:00] Fall is here. That means that you are done with your summer racing season and now we’re heading into the offseason. So, leaves are coming down, I got my rake. Well, this is my tiny rake because this massive guy with leaves from last year [...]

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