Does Running RUIN Your Knees?

If I hear one thing more than anything else from non-runners is how running is going to destroy my knees. Now, I'm not 80 years old, obviously, or I’ve discovered the fountain of youth, you'll never know but well, I can say is we're gonna look and see what the research says about running and [...]

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Is running supposed to hurt

One of the questions I see asked the most about running is "Should it hurt?". On the face of it, it seems like a really simple question, right? Should it hurt? Yes or No. But does there’s actually a lot more to it then simply Yes or No. I'm Jesse Funk and today's episode of [...]

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Why am I not getting any faster at running?

So, you've been running for a little while, and you are not seeing the improvement you want in those five key times, those 10K times, whatever it is your benchmark is you feel like I'm just not getting faster. Why am I not getting any faster? Well, I'm Jesse Funk, and on today's episode of [...]

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How SLOW is TOO SLOW for Running?

You may be out with your friends on a long run, and you know that you and your friend are going to race at a similar speed. Once you go and do your 5K, do your 10K, whatever it is you're going to do, you know your race is similar speeds. But on that long [...]

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2 Reasons The First 5 Minutes of Running FEEL So BAD

No matter how long you've been running, that first five minutes sucks. It's just terrible. It's just terrible. Why is it so terrible? Well, I’m Jessie Funk and on today's episode of Runner's High, I'm going to demystify why that first five minutes of running sucks no matter how long you've been running. This may [...]

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