What causes HEEL PAIN from running?

If you're here with me on this video, I know that you love to run. But if you haven't seen this show before, it's called Runner's High. I'm Jesse Funk and on today's episode of Runner's High, we're going to talk about where exactly your heel pain is coming from. Anytime you want to go [...]

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How Do I Transition to Minimal Running Shoes?

If you're wanting to transition to minimal running shoes, you're probably also concerned with your running form. In either case, you're here in the right place. I'm Jesse Funk, and on today's episode of Runner’s High, I'm going to give you a very simple method to transition from traditional running shoes to minimal running shoes. [...]

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What is a normal running cadence?

We talked a lot about running form and optimizing your running and different running routines and trying to become a better runner here on this channel. But one of the most important things you may think about is, what is an optimal running cadence or is there an optimal running cadence? Well, I'm Jesse Funk [...]

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