What to eat before a 5k or 10k

  [00:01] So, you're getting ready for your next 5K, your next 10K, or maybe even just a hard track workout, and you're a little nervous about having an upset stomach, having GI issues. And you want to know, what should I eat for my 5K, my 10K, my speedwork whatever it is. Well, I'm [...]

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Can running cause skin problems?

    JESSE: [00:01] You may have started running just because you liked it, but over time you may have noticed you're looking pretty good and you notice other people out there running looking pretty good, they've got those suntans, nice golden skin, except there's this kind of irritation and now you're itchy a little [...]

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Is Sleep the Best Recovery Option for Runners?

JESSE: [00:01] We love magic pills. And by we, I mean you and me, runners all like we love magic pills, ice baths, massage sticks, foam rollers, whatever we can do to recover faster. We love these magic pills where we say, “man, this one thing, this is going to make me better.” But what [...]

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Should I Run On An Empty Stomach?

[00:01] With the rise of popularity in intermittent fasting, you as a runner, because we love to follow trends, right? We're always trying to do the newest thing, the latest thing to be better than we were before, you may have thought about, is this something that I need to be doing? Can I use [...]

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What did Jim Ryun do?

JESSE: [00:01] Well, you clicked on my thumbnail because you're wondering what did Jim Ryun do? First, maybe you should be wondering who is Jim Ryun? but if you know that, you probably know what Jim Ryun did. In any case, I'm Jesse Funk and on today's episode of Runners High we're going to talk [...]

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