5 Running Form Bad Habits to Break

[00:00:00] I don’t think we talked about running form enough. If you’re a swimmer or triathlete, you probably think about technique a lot because it’s so crucial in the pool to have good technique. If you have bad technique, you can muster all the strength you can and you’re going nowhere fast. But it’s not [...]

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When Is The Best Time of Day To Run?

[00:00:00] Here you are, hopefully, practicing what I preach and planning out your run schedule. So, you get the most of your training, but you’re trying to figure out what’s the best time of day to actually go run. [Intro Music] [00:00:21] If you haven’t been with me here on the channel before, I’m Jesse [...]

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3 Bad Running Habits to Break

[00:00:00] If you joined me for the first video, I went over five running form habits that you should break. Now today, I want to talk about three other bad habits that runners do that we definitely need to get out of the habit of. [Intro Music] [00:00:24] If you haven’t joined me on the [...]

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Can You Run on a Stress Fracture?

[00:00:00] Something that you really shouldn’t be asking me, you’re here, you clicked on this video, maybe you searched for it. Can you run with a stress fracture? Now I know you’re dedicated if you’re asking this question. [Intro Music] [00:00:22] If you haven’t been with me here before, I’m Jesse Funk. This is a [...]

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3 Things Not to Say to Injured Runners

[00:00:00] I’ve said it before on this channel, I’ll say it again, if you run for any length of time, you’re gonna get injured. But, if you’ve been injured there are definitely things you don’t want to hear. [Intro Music] [00:00:22] If you haven’t been with me here on the channel before, you may not [...]

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