Easy Oven Baked Salmon and Asparagus

Everyone wants to label their eating habits.   If I say, I don’t eat much meat. Ten times out of ten the response is, “So, are you a vegetarian?” If I turn down a sad looking cookie (because that is the only type of cookie I turn down), the response is, “Oh, are you eating [...]

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Chili Garlic Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are the most underrated vegetable for athletes.   For someone that takes vegetables very seriously, this is a BIG statement.   Like most, I stayed far away from the mini cabbage heads for most of my life. I found them bitter and mushy and intimidating to cook. It wasn’t until I went on [...]

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Dark Chocolate Hummus

I once held a farmer’s market stand selling only desserts made from beans. Every Saturday I bribed my husband with donuts and fancy coffee and he loaded up his truck with a tent, table, and a tub full of baked goods I had worked on until 1 a.m. the night before. It was like the [...]

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Chocolate Cherry Oat Bars

With pregnancy, we refer to the newborn adjustment period as the 4th trimester. With marathon training, there is the 17th week of training.    You live and train for 16 weeks preparing for one single day. You develop mentally and physically for an event that inevitably ends within hours.    The 17th week then yields [...]

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Salmon Sushi Bowl

My husband and I went to a colleague's house for dinner this week. She prepared a beautiful, decadent, and delicious spread of a make-your-own sushi bowl. Because I am a glutton for food spreads I must share the minute details. Think a 6-qt dutch oven full of white sticky rice, crab meat, smoked salmon, fresh [...]

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Pumpkin Overnight Oats

I am now two weeks out from my marathon and as all runners feel compelled to say at this point, “the hay is in the barn.”    I have overcome a two-week injury set back. I have trained around a full-time work schedule. I have ran in the heat, wind, and rain. I’ve done the [...]

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Unstuffed Egg Rolls

This weekend, I raced a local half marathon in preparation for my upcoming full. I had a 20-mile long run on the schedule, so it made sense to suffer part of it with 150 of my fellow running comrades. Since I have recently been nursing an injury, this race was a big deciding factor if [...]

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Buddha Bowl

I like big bowls of food.    Whenever I’m counseling athletes, my opening line is usually, “let’s figure out how you can have the most food on your plate and also perform your best.”   I didn’t learn that one in dietitian school, but it sure has worked on getting people’s attention!   Hokey as [...]

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