Greek Bruschetta

I live in a small town with a big family and it is not at all uncommon for a 3 pm text to come through planning out a 5 pm potluck dinner. Since the square miles of the town barely outnumbers the number of family members, it is easy for everyone to get together at [...]

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Apple Butterscotch Oat Bars

I get physically exhausted when food writers babble on about how food is love and cooking is this grand sentiment. But here is the fact: there are some things you create in the kitchen that hits people right in the heart. Bring a bubbling dish to a grieving family. Pack a freezer meal for new [...]

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Sport Waffles

Run. Shower. Work. Repeat.   This has been my mantra the past week. It always seems like once my training schedule increases, my work schedule goes into overdrive. For me, in the midwest summer heat, this means earlier and earlier mornings. The biggest challenge has been finding the right food to eat first thing. I [...]

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Black Bean Burgers

Most kids grew up on frozen pizza and chicken nuggets.   I grew up on frozen black bean burgers.   My dad traveled a lot for work and, rightfully so, my mom got tired of creatively cooking for just the two of us every night. I knew the familiar conversation was about to happen when [...]

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Chocolate Coconut Energy Bites

Ever go through droughts in your training? The motivation is gone, your race is far away, your goals seem too big?   I’m still only a few weeks into marathon training and I’m thirsty for some drive. I have slept through my alarm 4 out of 5 times this week with no excitement to get [...]

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Berry Superfood Smoothie Bowl

I’ve been a smoothie bowl girl long before the cult of artfully stripped pink bowls appeared all over social media. There are now even acai bowls on the menu at Costco. That is when you know it is mainstream. I would 10/10 choose eating my food with a spoon over a straw. Milkshakes, broths, smoothies-- [...]

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Refried Black Beans

I was preparing dinner (a vegetarian Chinese dish) and I asked my husband to grab a can of black beans from the pantry. As he reached for the can opener he asked, “What do you do when people don’t like beans?” I was perplexed. Not so much from the question itself, because I hear, “I [...]

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Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap

In college I used to walk an extra 15 minutes across campus every Wednesday at 11:30 to have miss Juanita prepare me the best caesar salad wrap I’d ever had. Her signature was the ‘you can’t close the wrap before it splits’ kinda wrap. Aka the only wrap worth eating. It burst with crisp lettuce, [...]

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