How Does Tapering Improve Performance?

[00:01] You’ve been training all season and now you’re getting to the time where it really matters. Race day is coming up and you know that you need to taper everybody talks about you gotta taper, you gotta taper. What the hell is this taper? What does it do? Well, I’m Jesse Funk and on [...]

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Can Running Shoes Cause Injury?

[00:01] So, you’ve been running for a while, you took my advice, and you wait, got your pair of shoes at a local running store, somebody helped you out. But something’s a little off, right? You picked them. They worked really well in the store. But you’re starting to get some injuries. You’re wondering, is [...]

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Do You Run Faster in the Dark?

[00:01] If you like me have at some point run in the dark, you may be wondering, do I run faster in the dark? Is there any reason I might run faster in the dark? Well, I’m Jessie Funk, and on today’s episode of Runner’s High, I have a story to tell you about running [...]

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Are Online Running Training Programs Worth It?

[00:01] So, you’ve been running without a plan for a while now and you’re starting to see these training plans online. Maybe it’s couch to 5K, maybe you have hung out, seen one of my videos, seen one of my training plans that I’d put out, maybe you’ve seen somebody else’s. In any case, you’re [...]

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What is A Good 5k Time for Beginners?

[00:01] If you’re here with me in the sunroom, and my cat, Bo, he likes to hang out in here with me too. You are probably new to running on this particular video, you’re trying to figure out what’s a good time for a 5K? Well, because you haven’t been introduced before. I’m Jessie Funk. [...]

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When Should Runners Start Speedwork?

[00:01] So, you got your training plan going, you're increasing your mileage, and you're trying to figure out, when do I want to start doing speed work? Well, Toby says never. He's out of here, he's going for a nap. But you, on the other hand, might be starting to speed work sooner than you [...]

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Can You Run While it’s Cold Outside?

[00:01] Winter weather has once again returned to all of us. So, you're here with me and you're wondering, can I run when it's cold outside? Well, I'm Jesse Funk and on today's episode of Runner's High, we're going to discuss running in the cold, when to do it, when not to do it, and [...]

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How to Set Good Goals for Beginning Runners

[00:00] So, you're new to running and you're trying to figure out what kind of goals should I have? Should I have goals? Well, I'm Jesse Funk and on today's episode of Runner's High, I'm going to help you figure out how to set great goals as a beginning runner. [00:24] Before we get going, [...]

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How to Cope with Post Race Blues?

[00:00] So, you just got done with your race, your air race, the thing you've been training for for a while, or maybe you're here looking for answers, you've been injured or you've just taken time off and you just don't feel right, you feel depressed, you feel sad, you're not really sure how to [...]

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