Is Running with FLAT FEET Dangerous?

So you got flat feet and you wanna run but you're wondering is it dangerous? Is it bad for me? Can it hurt me? Well, I'm Jesse Funk and on today's episode of Runner's High we're gonna address the myths and problems surrounding flat feet in running So let's get the basic question answered, just [...]

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My TOP 3 Tips for Doing Couch to 5k

So you finally decided to get off the couch into a 5K. First, congratulations. It’s great you made the jump and for joining me here on Runner's High. Today, I'm gonna give you my top three tips considering you've never done this before and you're just getting going, for you to complete your program, couch [...]

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Can You Run with Plantar Fasciitis?

Undoubtedly, you, me, and most runners will experience plantar fasciitis at some point or another in our running career. And if you're here with me right now, you're probably going through wondering, should I keep running, should I stop? What should I do? It can be painful. But the question you're asking yourself is, is [...]

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What kinds of plastic can be recycled?

Plastics have become an all-consuming parts of our lives. And our economy is something I think about, as the owner of Solpri, we make skincare, often for very active people but plastic is something that we use all the time in our products. So I have to think about what is usable, what is not [...]

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Top 3 Things to do With Old Running Shoes

If you run for any amount of time and you wanna be conscious about "How much of waste you're producing with the number of shoes you have?" You realize you're going through shoes like water and throwing out tons. You might be wondering yourself "What can I do with these shoes? Can I do anything [...]

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Cross Country vs Football: Which is Harder?

One of the most often seen quotes on cross country team shirts from when I was in cross country probably before and well after I'll be dead is "My Sport is Your Sports Punishment" which is really our just way of saying more sports stuff than yours it is just how it is. But I'm [...]

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Does Swimming Make You Run Faster?

If you're like most runners looking for any kind of edge you could find to get better in running so you're better in competition, you're better that you were yesterday, whatever you need to do. Whether you need to do jumping jacks or planks or ice baths or eat weird food whatever it is, you [...]

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Does Running RUIN Your Knees?

If I hear one thing more than anything else from non-runners is how running is going to destroy my knees. Now, I'm not 80 years old, obviously, or I’ve discovered the fountain of youth, you'll never know but well, I can say is we're gonna look and see what the research says about running and [...]

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Is running supposed to hurt

One of the questions I see asked the most about running is "Should it hurt?". On the face of it, it seems like a really simple question, right? Should it hurt? Yes or No. But does there’s actually a lot more to it then simply Yes or No. I'm Jesse Funk and today's episode of [...]

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