2 Basic Foods to Eat to Run Faster

00:00 If you're like many of us in the running community, we have a hard time trying to figure out, what exactly should we be eating, it's going to make us run faster, and it's going to make us perform to our best. Well, I've talked to a lot of registered dieticians over my time [...]

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How Do Compression Socks Work for Runners?

As a runner, undoubtedly you’ve come across somebody wearing compression socks at some point in time when there's just a long run, you call a running store, see it, you're at a race, somebody's going to have them on, and you're wondering, how do compression socks work for athletes for runners? Do they have any [...]

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How Long Do You Have To Run To Burn 1000 Calories?

00:00 Jesse Funk Maybe you're running for weight loss, or maybe me, you're a little geeky, and you'd to know all the numbers about things. Either way, you started to wonder yourself, how long will it take to actually burn 1000 calories if you're running? 00:23 If you're just joining me here on this channel, [...]

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Does Running Make You Taller?

00:00 When you think about runners, you think what? Lean, fast, skinny, maybe all these attributes come to mind. But one in particular probably also comes to mind that they're tall. So we want to know, does running make you taller? 00:22 Hold up, stop, stop the intro. Stop it. I just ask that just [...]

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Is It Ok to Run with Sore Legs?

[00:01] Invariably all of us reach this scenario, one point or another. We’ve gone out for a run, we’re getting up the next day, or maybe a couple days later, and ugh, God. It’s just -- legs are so sore. Achilles are tight, you’re just stiff, ugh. You don’t know. Is it okay to run [...]

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4 Best Running Surfaces To Enhance Your Training

  [00:01] Welcome back to another episode of Runner’s High. If you haven’t been with me before, I’m Jessie Funk. And this is a show where we talk about everything and running. Now, today, I want to talk about the best running services to enhance your training. And by that, I mean, I know that [...]

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Can You Run Every Day?

[00:01] Welcome back to another episode of Runner’s High. I’m Jesse Funk. And on today’s episode, let’s talk about can you run every day. [00:19] You may have this mentality and you see this mentality pretty much everywhere in the running community, more is better. More mileage, more speed work, more work; more is better. [...]

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