Smart Athlete Podcast Ep. 130 – Dr. Chris Minson – Training with Heat

CHRIS: [00:00:00] I kind of consider myself what we call an integrative physiologist. What I mean by integrative just means that I have been trained primarily as a cardiovascular physiologist. And then a subcategory from that would be how our autonomic, you know, our nervous system, that flight or fight response and the parasympathetic nervous [...]

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Smart Athlete Podcast Ep. 124 – Paul Marobella – SUCCESS COMES IN MANY FORMS

SAP_Paul Marobella PAUL: [00:00:00] The most successful people that I know whether they’re pro athletes or former pro athletes or have made career transitions to other professions or CEOs of large organizations; one thing you learn from them is that they are very coachable no matter what level they’re at. And as someone that’s run [...]

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Smart Athlete Podcast Ep. 123 – Dr. Amy Bender – SLEEP RECOVER REPEAT

AMY: [00:00:00] A lot of athletes could use more sleep in general and improving the quality of their sleep as well is important. So, it’s not just about the duration, but also about the quality that can impact performance and you know, those kinds of things. So, it’s challenging. It’s challenging for any athlete. And [...]

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Smart Athlete Podcast Ep. 121 – Dalton Laino and Will Nicholson – THE MOVEMENT PHYSIOS

WILL: [00:00:00] Right. So, we want to help people go from being fragile to feeling resilient. So, that’s one example. So, there’s a few. Like, for example, in our philosophy, a big part of it is effective communication, and an attentiveness to your language that you use. Right? So, for us, as physios, that’s very [...]

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