//Shield Natural Antifungal Bar Soap 6-Pack

Shield Natural Antifungal Bar Soap 6-Pack

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“Love how clean and fresh I feel. Love that my fungus on feet is cleaned up.” – Lucinda G.

Most popular shield soap to protect your whole body from fungus

Our plant-based cold-process bar soap uses a mixture of essential oils (tea tree, lemongrass, eucalyptus, orange and lime) to help wash away common fungus picked up at the gym.

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Nasty fungus is everywhere.

Your gym may even look like the cleanest gym around, but the reality is new fungus can be tracked in every day.

People in contact sports (martial arts, wrestling, football, etc.) often have the most to worry about with skin to skin contact with other athletes. But even the rest of us spending time on lifting machines, with free weights or hanging out on the floor of a yoga room can potentially pick up nasty fungus,

Instead of using overly harsh anti-bacterials that the FDA has banned (like triclosan) there is a plant-based alternative that’s been shown to be highly effective at destroying fungal microbes: essential oils.

We use a blend of 5 essential oils that have strong anti-microbial properties. Lemongrass, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Orange and Lime. Together these form “Solpri Shield.” The basis of our natural fungus fighting soap line.

Use this bar soap to help wash away those nasty fungus you can pick up during your workout before they start growing on you.

  • No Dyes
  • Cruelty Free
  • No Chemical Fragrances
  • 85% Organic Ingredients
  • Cold Process Soap
  • Contains Certified Sustainable Fair Trade Palm Oil
  • Made in USA at an USDA Organic Registered Facility
  • Six -4 oz bars

FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Additional information

Weight 2.1 lbs

Organic Saponified oils of sunflower and/or organic safflower, organic coconut, and organic palm (with retained glycerin), essential oil blend of lemongrass, tea tree, orange, lime, rosemary and eucalyptus, annatto seed powder and or mineral oxide powder (for orange color).

31 reviews for Shield Natural Antifungal Bar Soap 6-Pack

  1. G. Borunda

    First time ordering this product and it is a solid 4.5 I rounded up because I would recommend the soap to anyone active. It isn’t cheap, but it isn’t crazy expensive either, especially if you order the 6 pack.
    The smell is pleasant if a little orange peely. I have a sweaty job and do a lot of running. I wish everyone at my work used this soap; the cars would smell better.

  2. G Borunda

    First time ordering this product and it is a solid 4.5 I rounded up because I would recommend the soap to anyone active. It isn’t cheap, but it isn’t crazy expensive either, especially if you order the 6 pack.
    The smell is pleasant if a little orange peely. I have a sweaty job and do a lot of running. I wish everyone at my work used this soap; the cars would smell better.

  3. Gypsy

    I have tried so me my different sops and ornaments for my summer rashes.and it was like I was just doing matinees on my self.nothing seemed to stop the itch and most just dryed my skin out.then I saw this and I order two bar’s to try it out and from the first time I used it my skin and rash felt so good .I had come to terms with the fact that I was going to suffer with this fungal problem the rest of my life then this came a long..no mover itching and rash is all most all gone also used finevine super balm both can be found on Amazon ,I pray that that keep the soap receipt the same. yes it is a little costly but well worth the price .after trying it I used maybe a quter bar it works so well I order the six pack of soap I’m not going to be running out of this .

  4. Wagger

    I love this stuff for after the gym so I don’t have to worry about fungus and ringworm. It also works great for my poison ivy. It smells okay too, not too fruity.

  5. Boca Paul

    I received my order on time and fulfilled. This soap is great. I suffer with psoriasis and Solpri definitely helps reduce red blotches and irritation. It smells good and stays with you which is important in South Florida. I will be reordering Solpri Shield this week as I don’t want to run out.

  6. Gym city

    Wow is all I can say….I started off using Defense Soap with little to no results, then I came across the solpri soap, plus solpri cream and BOOM results on contact….I just wish the bars lasted longer or try and work on the price

  7. alphonse

    They are not orange, more like yellow but its a good general purpose soap. The neem and tea tree soap by another supplier is better but ten bucks per bar. This comes close without getting silly on the price.

  8. Scott Cummings

    Great smelling and great lather. Love the soap. Thanks

  9. Vincent A. DiNunno

    This soap smells great and cleans your body very well doesn’t leave you itchy after you shower and I should know I have sensitive skin and every time I shower with this soap I feel great one bar usually lasts about thirty days but, I usually buy the six pack so I don’t run out.



  11. pookie

    I used it to control jock itch

  12. Hambone

    Better than the “non- offensive” tea tree and eucalyptus soap (which I loved before I tried Solpri). I have reviewed the single bar and the 2 pack just because I want everyone to buy it so that they keep making it. I have not been paid, I just hope they keep making this soap for decades! Negatives to note- yes, the actual bar is a little more yellow than the picture (not sure why that would cause the single Two-star review here LOL). And yes, keep it out of the water or it will get small quickly. Other than that it is perfect and smells nice. Buy it!

  13. james Hatch

    I liked the soap, great fragrance, didn’t dry out skin, use for full shower and also foot washing works great very pleased

  14. Worldwide Ad Network Inc.

    The bright orange bar of soap as dipicted in the promotional copy is not what I received. What I received were pale yellow bars of soap. If not for that I may have given a higher rating.

  15. Judson M.

    Best soap I’ve ever used, Price is the only problem

  16. Patricia Daniels

    I use it every time I shower. I like the scent and it works. But it is a very soft soap that adheres to any surface you leave it on.

  17. A. Berce

    Great product but costs too much. It also seems to evaporated, loose mass just sitting there?? Kind of self serving?
    Smells good. Because of the cost, I’ll be looking for something else.

  18. maoma

    Work excellent with the cream.

  19. YVM

    This is a fantastic soap. Bought this for my husband to take care of dry skin yet still deodorize. To my surprise, his skin immediately softened and cleared from years of back acne and scaring. This is a great product for men who don’t want to hassle with moisturizing. I am now using it and ditched al my perfumy soaps for this bar. The best part of this product is the long lasting odor control. Contrary to some reviews, the bar lasted reasonably long or else I wouldn’t have reordered.

  20. I.B.B.

    I’m not an athlete, I just really love the way this soap smells and feels.

  21. Dallas Dowden

    Great product and proactive customer service.

  22. Blaze

    Awesome soap has improved occurrence of toenail fungus and improved and maintained freedom from body acne breakouts

  23. Robert Holley Jr.

    Helps with psoriasis.

  24. r.r. t.

    skin seems to be less dry after using for a few weeks. others have said the bar dissolves fast; haven’t noticed that; of course i don’t let it sit in a tube of water; take showers and soap is out of the spray. it does lather up quick which is nice; but rinses off quick which is better yet.

  25. Gfam

    Low quality of tea tree

  26. S.R.

    Works really well and leaves you feeling super clean.

  27. Ronnie

    I got pretty fast and like the scent. It is not flowery or medicine smelling. I will continue using to see if it improves showers. Leaving out of direct spray of shower will prevent melting as with most soaps. I bought due to increased itching even though it may not be due to bacteria.

  28. Art B.

    These soaps are very great it is awesome if you have a skin rash or insect bite or red dot on your skin it is helping to clean your skin and remove all those from your skin and is very good if you have a wounded skin it helps the wound get heal quicker. I use for mosquito bite which causes to scratch my legs and hands a lot since I used this soap all that mosquito bite goes away and I feel better.

  29. Albaazul

    I really feel clean with this soup, specially before bedtime.

  30. review7788

    great product

  31. Raymond Spano

    great soap wow!

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