Sync Electrolyte Hydration Drink Mix



Lemon Lime

Salt Level

Low (500) Moderate (1000) High (1500)

“This stuff works great. It tastes very good and you can feel the difference” – Rich M.

A zero sugar electrolyte drink mix formulated to meet your personal electrolyte needs while supporting your muscles and mind. 

How salty do you feel your sweat is?

Not salty > Choose Low

Somewhat Salty > Choose Moderate

Very Salty > Choose High


Lemon Lime

Salt Level

Low (500) Moderate (1000) High (1500)

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Product description

The Sports Drink Customized to You

Sync has you choose from 3 different concentrations, low (500), moderate (1000) or high (1500) based on your genetic sweat salt level.

Not sure what level fits you?

Get the most accurate sweat salt number with one of our at-home sweat tests

Or take a best guess based on our experience with user feedback. 

How salty do you feel your sweat is?

Not salty > Choose Low (500)
Somewhat Salty > Choose Moderate (1000)
Very Salty > Choose High (1500)

Hydrate Faster with Zero Sugar

  • Hypotonic Formula - means water absorbs into your body faster than sports drinks full of sugar
  • Amino acids act as a helper (co-transport) to move electrolytes into your body faster than normal.

Save the Planet & Save Money

Using powder that you mix into a reusable bottle has a very real effect of reducing your plastic footprint on the world.

Every bag of Sync represents 5 pounds of plastic saved from polluting our planet compared to bottled sports drinks.

With every first order of Sync we include a Free set of metal measuring spoons which can be re-used for future orders instead of including the ever-present plastic scoop.

All of these ways to reduce plastic also means savings for you: at only $0.65 a serving drinking Sync means you can do good for the world, for your health and your wallet.

Hydrate the World

10% of the profit generated from Sync is donated to non-profits building sustainable water sources in developing countries.

Water is something we often take for granted as athletes, so it is easy to forget not everyone has easy access to clean water like we do.

By using Sync to meet your personal hydration needs, you are also helping people across the globe gain access to clean drinking water.

Balanced Electrolytes To Match What You Lose in Your Sweat

  • 3 Concentrations to Match Your Genetic Losses of Salt (Low, Medium or High)
  • 5 Electrolytes (Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium) Balanced in the perfect order - the same balance you lose in your sweat.

Light Flavor, No Dyes or Fillers

  • Every ingredient thoughtfully chosen to maximize your performance and reduce stomach distress.
  • No dyes or artificial flavors to upset your stomach
  • Each serving goes in 16 fluid ounces of water

Recover Faster

  • BCAA's (Branched Chain Amino Acids) help you recover faster to be ready for your next workout or race.
  • L-Glutamine reduces post workout muscle soreness

Stay in the Zone

  • The same ingredient found in green tea - L-Theanine keeps your mind relaxed and ready to perform.
  • If you use caffeine to perform, L-Theanine also helps reduce the jittery effect caffeine can have on you.

Produce Energy More Effectively

  • Vitamin B3, B6 and B12 help your body turn carbs, protein and fat into fuel for exercise.

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