Daily Swim Workout #11: Technique

Today is the first day I'll be introducing technique workouts. This are days when you really want to slow down what you are doing in the water. Focus exclusively on your body position, your pull, your hand entry. All the little details that make up how you swim in the water. Because water is so dense, technique is even more paramount in swimming than in many other sports.

Beginner Swim Workout 1000

Intermediate Swim Workout 2000

Warm Up: 400 as 150free/50kick. Main Set: 10x150 as 100 drill/50 swim on 15" rest Cool Down: 100 freestyle easy

Advanced Swim Workout 4300

Warm Up: 900 as 150free/50 non-free choice 9x100 as odds IM, evens as 25 kick on back/25 swim/25 kick on front/25 swim Main Set: 12x200 as 100drill/50 perfect stroke/25 drill/25 Perfect Stroke on 15" rest Try changing between two different drills on each interval to keep your mind engaged. Cool Down 100 Freestyle Happy Swimming These workouts are based on workouts written by Olympic Triathlete Barb Lindquist. Learn more about coaching and how Barb can help you achieve your maximum potential at BarbLindquist.com
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