Shipping Speeds & Guaranteed Delivery Times:

We strive to make sure orders are shipped out quickly and that we take care of our workforce at the same time. To provide swift service and a quality work environment our operating hours are Monday to Friday 9-5 central.

Products Ship within 2 Business Days from the Time Orders are Placed. 

US Domestic Orders:

Shipping time frames: Small/light orders ship USPS First Class with 2-5 day delivery windows. All other orders ship USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground with a 2-5 day delivery window

Canadian Orders:

Canadian orders ship a variety of methods to provide you with the most value driven delivery cost. Typical delivery time frame of 8-10 business days.

International Destinations:

We are currently taking a pause on shipping internationally to our friends across the pond due to high shipping fees. If you are a European based distributor and would like to carry our products please reach out to us at

Where's My Order?

No tracking info/tracking info isn't working

If it has been more than 3 business days since you placed your order and you haven't received a tracking information email please reach out to us at and we will update you with the status of your order.

If the link in your tracking email isn't working you can copy and paste the tracking number found in your tracking email and go to - paste the number in the tracking box on their home page. Or alternately email us at and we can send a clickable direct tracking link again.

Still in transit, no updates recently

If it's been more than 7 days with no updates on the tracking of your package we can open an investigation with the post office to locate it. Hit reply to the tracking email you received to reach out to us or send us an email at so we can assist in opening an investigation.


Marked Delivered, but it's not here.

With hundreds of thousands of packages going across the country daily, misdeliveries happen, and we know it's a bummer. There's a few things that can happen when an item is marked delivered, isn't delivered, but it may still show up.
  1. Sometimes the post office will mark an item delivered, but it hasn't actually been delivered. If it has been more than 1 full business day since the item is marked delivered and it hasn't shown up proceed to step 2.
  2. Packages marked as delivered "in/at mailbox" may or may not fit in your mailbox. Post carriers sometimes find creative places to place and hide packages in an effort to thwart porch pirates. Check your surrounding bushes, porch areas, etc. to see if the carrier has hidden the package from plain sight.
  3. If you have a nearby neighbor or a shared postal delivery box for area in your neighborhood then packages can end up at the wrong house. Checking in with your neighbors is an easy way to see if they received your package.
  4. You are able as the package receiver to call your local post office to have them check with your specific carrier to see what may have happened to your package if none of the above results in a found package. This is unfortunately not something we can do on your behalf. If this doesn't turn up anything proceed to step 5.
  5. If it has been more than 7 days since your package was marked delivered, hasn't shown up, wasn't found by your local post office, and no neighbors have it, we can now open an investigation with the post office into your lost package. Hit reply to that tracking email to let us know so we can open an investigation into the package.
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