Daily Swim Workout #12: Threshold

Beginner Swim Workout 1100

Intermediate Swim Workout 2400

Warm Up: 400 as 75 free/25 drill 50 easy. Main Set: 20 second rest for the whole set. 9x200 as 2 free, 1 as 100 free/100IM Cool Down: 150 w/d.

Advanced Swim Workout 5200

Warm Up: 800 as 100 free/50 drill/50 kick 6 x 100 paddles, strong and smooth. Focus on a good catch 100 easy. Main Set: 12 x 300 as 2 free on 20" Rest, 1 as 100 free/100IM/100 free on 25" rest Cool Down: 100 freestyle These workouts are based on workouts written by Olympic Triathlete Barb Lindquist. Learn more about coaching and how Barb can help you achieve your maximum potential at BarbLindquist.com
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