Daily Swim Workout #132: Dry-Land Training

What do you do when you can't actually get in the pool? Sit on the couch and get fat? Well, if you have surgical tubing available to you then you can still get some quality time in even if the pool isn't an option. This is a good set to go to when you're
  • traveling
  • snowed in
  • short on time

No Pool Tubing 30’

3' w/u mixing it up.

MS: 3 rounds of...

(4x50"on/10"off. #1 free, #2 as 2 High elbow sculls right into 2 fly pulls, then repeat. #3 as free step back last 20" and go faster. #4 free recovery.

2' of side exercises choice- 30" then switch sides.)

Finish with 9' of 2' plank walk and 1' floor core to rest arms.

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