Daily Swim Workout #24: Threshold

Today's set gives you another chance to improve your pacing skills as you work on descending slightly throughout the set. Both inside intervals with a negative split 200 and as the set goes on. The cool down today gives you a chance to practice your sighting. Too often we forget to practice sighting until race day and then end up messing up all that beautiful swim form we worked on all year because we're panicking to find buoys, breathe and not get run over by other racers. Practice makes permanent. Use good form now, it'll come back to you on auto-pilot later.

1000 Threshold Work

2600 Threshold

400 as 75 free/25 drill/75 free/25 non-free choice 8 x 25 swim strides 50 easy. MS: All on 3 red line rest. 3 x 200 #3 faster than 1 and 2 2 x 300 as middle 100 faster on each 3 x 200 with paddles descend effort. 150 w/d with sighting breaths throughout.

5200 Threshold

600 as 75 free/25 drill/75 free/25 non-free choice 9 x 50 as 10 strokes fast off each wall MS: 9 x 100 every 3rd faster, return to previous pace on next i.e. 1 and 2 same speed, 3 faster, 4 and 5 same speed as 1 and 2... on 15 seconds rest 6 x 200 descending 1-3 on 20 seconds rest 3 x 300 middle hundred slightly faster in each on 25 seconds rest 6 x 200 with paddles on 20 seconds rest 100 warm down - sighting throughout These workouts are based on workouts written by Olympic Triathlete Barb Lindquist. Learn more about coaching and how Barb can help you achieve your maximum potential at BarbLindquist.com
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