Daily Swim Workout #4 Threshold

Another day another swim set. Today's focus will be threshold again. If you're just joining us or starting out, feel free to cut down the meters on the beginner set if its too long for you. Everyone started somewhere (including me). And some of us (including me) couldn't even swim 25 meters to start. One step at a time you will reach your goals. For reference, threshold is the pace you try to race at for a longer distance race. It's not all out, but it's a hard effort.

Beginner Swim Workout 1300 Meters

Intermediate Swim Workout 2500 Meters

400 every 4th length non-free choice. 2 x 200 as 25 Accelerate/25 easy fist drill on 20"rest. MS: Threshold. 4 x 200 slight negative split on 20" Rest 4 x 100 with paddles on 20" Rest 4 x 100 no paddles on 20" rest, feel that strong catch Cool Down 100 w/d.

Advanced Swim Workout 5100 Meters

400 every as 75 free/25 non-free choice 1 x 200 as 25 Accelerate/25 Fist Drill on 20" Rest MS: Threshold. 6x300 on Increase pace 1-3, then repeat 4-6 on 30" Rest, Take 30" Extra After Set 8 x 200 on Increase Pace 1-3 then Repeat on 25" Rest. 30" extra rest after set 10x100 all on 1:30, ODDS IM just make the interval, EVENS holding under your threshold pace, but not all out. Cool Down 100 Meters Choice As always, stretch afterwards. Happy Swimming, Jesse These workouts are based on workouts written by Olympic Triathlete Barb Lindquist. Learn more about coaching and how Barb can help you achieve your maximum potential at BarbLindquist.com
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