Daily Swim Workout #66: 200/800 Swim Test

*Editor's note: Today's set is one of the two main ways to really test your overall fitness. It's a great set to use as a benchmark to come back to later on in the season and see how you're progressing. This set does not have a beginner swim of 1200 or so because it is my (Jesse Funk, the editor) opinion that a 200/800 swim test isn't very useful to someone only yet doing 1200 sets. Once you're consistently doing our 2500 meter sets then it is a great time to try this one out as your fitness level is ready to give it a go.

200/800 Swim Test 2400

** Feel free to post on your profile at usatriathlon.org

200/800 Swim Test 5100

750 as 150fr/100 nonfree choice. 10x50 power rack on 50. 5x100 desc 1-3 to sub-threshold, hold 4&5 at 3's pace on 1:30. 50 easy. MS: TEST! 200 all out. 1 min rest. 800 all out. 200 easy. DO NOT think of this following set while doing the test!!! 3 rounds of... (4x50 on 45 all out. 400 threshold effort. 100 easy. 20-30"rest.) ** Power rack = 4 as 12.5fast, 3 as 25F, 2 as 37.5fast, 1 as 50fast. ** Feel free to post on your profile at usatriathlon.org
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