Daily Swim Workout #80: Threshold

Threshold 1550

Threshold 3000

600 as 150free building by 50's slightly/100drill/50kick choice. 6x50 desc 1-3 on 55-60". MS: 4x200 free on 3 red line rest. 400 as every 4th 25 back or polo on 5 red line rest. 4x200 free on 4 red line rest, but 2" faster average than the 200's on the first set. Enjoy the extra rest. 100 w/d.

Threshold 5500

400 every 4th 50 as 25scull/25SA drill 200 backstroke kick, hands in pocket- see notes below 300 as 25FAST/25ez/25fist solid. MS: 500 as 100fr/100IM on 7:30. 5x200 free on 2:50- be patient, the interval will get harder. 400 as every 4th 25 fly or one arm fly drill on 6'. 4x200 free on 2:45 but 2" faster average than the 200's on 5x200 set. ** Put on paddles for the rest of the set*** 300 build by 100's by 2-3" on 4:30. 3x200 on 2:40. 200 as 25polo/25free on 3'. 2x200 free on 2:35. 100 as 25bk/25fr on 1:30. 1x200 free on 2:30. 100 wd perfect stroke. ** Adjust the longer repeat intervals if needed. They are on 1:30 base. Effort is still solid threshold, not aerobic on those.
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