Saltwater Pool's Dirty Secret and How to Protect Yourself

When you think of saltwater pools: do you think of beaches? Do you think of oceanfront and time spent in the sea, floating around in clean salt water? If so, you're not alone. There's a common misconception about saltwater pools that's going around. Namely that they are completely salt and water. The dirty secret about saltwater pools is that saltwater can't decontaminate pool water by itself. Saltwater is converted into chlorine! You might be asking yourself now "How can this be? I though saltwater pools were a better alternative to chlorine pools?" Well, you're partially right there. Saltwater pools let the actual owner and operator of the pool add salt to the pool instead of dealing with adding chlorine to the pool. This makes the operation of the pool safer for the owner. Now they don't have to directly handle chlorine in powder/tablet/etc. Saltwater goes through a process called electrolysis and converts that dissolved salt into its parts: sodium and chloride/chlorine. So now what do you do? You've spent time searching for a saltwater pool. Trying to keep away from the drying effects of chlorine. You already know chlorine can dry and age your skin. It can make your hair thin and weak. It can even cause a pool related form of eczema, giving you a really stylish red rash to show off. Now you might resign yourself to brittle hair, dry itchy skin and people always wrinkling their noses at your funny smell when they give you a hug. (Maybe that last one's just me, but I can't stand to smell like chlorine all day anymore). If you're ready to leave the chlorine in the pool and be an accepted part of your social group again: click here to find out how we can help you completely remove chlorine from your body.
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