Swimspray vs Solpri Chlorine Removal Shampoo

There’s a few different products on the market that claim to neutralize chlorine. The closest to us is Swimspray. Both Solpri and Swimspray agree on the use of Vitamin C as the neutralizing agent. Vitamin C is more effective than the more common chemical used: sodium thiosulphate. So, what’s the difference between Swimspray and Solpri Swim Shampoo & Body Wash?

The Glaring Difference (Thank you Captain Obvious)

The most obvious difference is that Swimspray is a standalone option to be combined with a shampoo and body wash that you find somewhere else. Solpri on the other hand does all three jobs in one bottle, eliminating extra items in your swim bag.

Shelf Life

Both have stable shelf lives. Swimspray packages a normally short shelf life product (ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate) in an air free environment. Solpri Shampoo & Body wash uses a stable form of Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate) which allows it to be combined into the body wash without degrading like ascorbic acid would.

Sizes & Number of Uses

A regular size Swimspray can is 6 ounces of spray and a regular size bottle of Solpri is 8 fluid ounces of wash. Swimspray claims that a bottle can last “up to 45 uses depending on how much you use each time.” My personal experience with them was only 6-7 swim sessions a can (to neutralize my whole body and resolve any itching post swim), but consider me biased at this point since I’ve gone on to make a competing company from my dissatisfaction. Assuming I’m doing something egregiously wrong I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt and triple my number to 21 uses on average. After all, they are good guys over there and their e-mail customer support is great. A bottle of Solpri is designed to last on average one month. The average person will get 30 uses out of it as a shampoo & body wash which can be used every day. The intention here is that Vitamin C not only neutralizes chlorine, but daily application will help your skin stay in better condition. Our most extreme case of rapid use during early feedback was a lady with long natural blonde hair that only got 15 uses out of a bottle. For the sake of argument let’s round our number down to 21 uses as well.

So how do the two compare on price?

One bottle of Swimspray - $11.99 + $5.99 shipping = 17.98 One bottle of Solpri Shampoo and Body Wash - $19 + $3.99 shipping = 22.99 On the surface it would appear we’re more expensive, but why is that? Because we are also a regular body wash & shampoo. The difference between the two is $5.01, for which you get a shampoo and body wash that’s sulfate free, paraben free, free of synthetic fragrances or dyes. I.e. it neutralizes chlorine, will get you clean on normal days and is gentle on your skin and hair. This also doesn’t take into account if you’re a frequent swimmer. Our convenient monthly delivery plan eliminates the shipping cost so it’s a flat $19 for Solpri Shampoo & Body Wash alone. Making the difference between the two $1.02. Can you find a comparable shampoo and body wash for $1 delivered to your door hassle free every month?

The Biggest Difference Between Swimspray and Solpri

The most significant difference of what we offer here at Solpri, which by their own admission Swimspray is not in the business of doing, is the conditioner to help repair the damage to your hair. Our Swim Restore Conditioner is designed to use protein and amino acids to strengthen your chlorine damaged hair while also being low pH to help flatten your hair cuticles (making the hair shaft smooth again). If you’re a frequent swimmer and want a convenient all-in-one solution to neutralize chlorine, take care of your skin and repair your hair then Solpri is for you. Try it today for 3.99, shipped free when you pick one of our convenient monthly delivery options (no contracts, cancel anytime). Click here to try it today.
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