Top 3 Reasons to Run

So, you’re thinking about getting into running and you're trying to figure out what are some reasons to run? Why do people run? Or maybe you know people that run and you’re like, why is everybody out there doing that? It doesn't look like a good time.
Top 3 Reasons to Run

So, you’re thinking about getting into running and you're trying to figure out what are some reasons to run? Why do people run? Or maybe you know people that run and you’re like, why is everybody out there doing that? It doesn't look like a good time. Well, I'm Jesse Funk, and on today's episode of Runner’s High, I'm going to tell you the reasons why I run and maybe a few of them might be reasons why you should run.

So, the reasons run really come into three broad categories. And the first easiest is simply fitness. I mean, it's a cheap way to stay fit. We are born to run I will agree with the book, Born to Run. That's kind of what we do. We are the best land endurance animals on the planet. It's what we're meant to do. Now, there are variations on genetics, obviously, people are different shapes and sizes. And some people are better writers than others, but we all have the capability to run.

So, the first and easiest reason to run is simply to stay in shape. You don't have to go to the gym, you don't have to pay a merchant fee. As I like to suggest to you on the channel, you get nie shoes, if you don't know how to get nice shoes or pick out good shoes, you’re in luck. I actually help people do that for several years and I have a video all about that. So, hit that subscribe button right there in the bottom right-hand corner, then go check that out here in a minute. But the first obvious reason like I said, to stay in shape.

My second reason to run and this played a large part in me kind of growing up. And you know, finding my place and my friends in the world and that is a sense of community. When you are a runner, you're part of something. All of these people out there running, doing things.

So, for a lot of people running is a communal activity, you know, going for a run with a friend catching up, and you are like I said in number one getting fit, but you're spending time with friends doing something instead of just hanging out watching YouTube videos of me, or cats or whatever it is you want to watch on YouTube. No problem with cats. Cats are awesome. But you are being a part of the community and actually out doing something with your life.

Now, you might say, “Well, I'm introverted. I just like to spend time alone.” Well, I like to spend time alone too but eventually, even the best introverts of us need to connect with other people. And you'll find a lot of very well thought out thinking people in the running community.

For whatever reason, the running community seems to draw more intelligent people together, which is why I interview people like on the Smart Athlete Podcast. Again, if you haven't hung out with me on the channel, hit that subscribe button. I have a whole series where I talked to very intelligent people who are often endurance athletes. So, number two, a sense of community is A big reason to run along with staying in shape.

My final reason to run actually comes down to really the simplest thing. And this is something that's not just something I found through experience but again on that Smart Athlete Podcast where I interview smart often, endurance athletes, not always, but smart athletes, they always say and I agree with them, the reason to do these things; run or triathlon or mountain bike or whatever it is that you want to do is because you find some kind of fun and enjoyment out of it.

That is what sustains all of these very high performing athletes that work very, very hard to be very very good. But ultimately, they find fun it.

Now you might feel guilty and say well, I don't think it's fun at all. Well, don't run. It’s pretty much as simple as that. Growing up I had a lot of people almost look at me with that guilt when I would be out running or really engaged in running, making sure I ran on holidays, I didn't skip those days, it was still important for me to get those workouts in because I had a focus and a love for running. Because I enjoyed it, because I found fun and running.

And most people look to me and they're like, “Oh, Jesse, I just don't like it. I don't like it.” Don't do it. It's not for everybody. And if you don't find any kind of enjoyment in it, then find something else you find enjoyment in; yoga, swimming, basketball, you know, if you can find a pickup football game, whatever it is that you find fun, do that. Because well, frankly, life's too short. But also when you have that fun, it helps make it an activity sustainable over time.

Now, I'm not saying that running has to be fun all the time. There are times when it's strictly painful. You’ve gotten injured and you're dealing with that and there's all these externalities that can kind of affect our lives within the microcosm of running. But ultimately, we find these moments of joy here and there within our running.

Whether it's an entire run or part of a run, there is some sense of fun in those runs. And often, those are the best runs I have when my entire goal is to have fun. So, those are my three reasons to run. What are your reasons to run? Let me know, leave them down in the comments below, I'd love to hear why you run. I'll see you next time on the next episode of Runner’s High.

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