What Do the Best Athletes Eat for Recovery After Running?

One of the most common things between all runners is what the heck do we eat? So, today on this episode of Runner's High, I want to talk to you about what should you eat after a long run.

One of the most common things between all runners is what the heck do we eat? So, today on this episode of Runner's High, I want to talk to you about what should you eat after a long run.

If you've heard anything about what to eat after a long run, you know that it's often suggested to eat something with a four to one ratio of carbs to protein, which is great. There are plenty of products that have that kind of ratio, and there are things you can make with that kind of ratio.

But what I'm always interested in is when the rubber meets the road, and somebody's actually eating, what do they go to, do they always go to a recovery product? Do they eat regular food? Do they eat nothing?

So, if you subscribe to the channel, you'll get notifications when I come out with new episodes of the Smart Athlete Podcast. And on the Smart Athlete Podcast, I ask every single guest, this is my crux question, what do you eat after recovery if you can only have one thing for the rest of your life?

And today, I want to share with you some of those things from the first collection of people that I've interviewed, and what do they actually eat.

Me in particular, it just depends. Sometimes I have a recovery product, but often it's just going to be whatever's around. I'm not real consistent. However, when it comes down to a lot of my guests, they had very specific answers. If you talk to my coach, he loves products from Hammer, so he wants to use the recovery stuff from Hammer.

Or if you talk to Iron man Maryland winner, Matt Bach, he works now works for UCAN. But in a kind of roundabout way, because he loved UCAN’s products, he actually uses UCAN’s recovery product.

But from there, most of my guests actually give us real food answers. 2016 National Champion and 2018 World Champion, the amateur division in Triathlon, Todd Buckingham, PB&J. Something very, very simple and that's his go to. We're talking about a guy who is super impressive, very, very high performance and he loves PB&J. Well, what does somebody like my Registered Nutritionist, Gloria Stoverink go to? She likes Greek yogurt and berries.

Okay, not anything like Todd's PB&J, but also very simple and that seems to be a big commonality between my guests. They say something very, very simple. Or pro triathlete, Cecilia Davis-Hayes, she makes something she calls or I guess her fiance, calls CC cakes, which is essentially her version of pancakes and anything she wants to throw in.

So, it depends on the day for her, but she mentioned nuts, berries, any various amounts of like nut butters with a different kind of base. You know, check out that episode, part three of the interview with Cecilia will tell you all about that.

But, you know, even one of the most surprising answers I've gotten from my guest, Chris Douglas. He said tacos. He loves tacos. So, I think the trick is, you need to find a food that you love, but also something you know you can eat consistently and digest consistently.

We all have a little bit different digestive systems, and some things may work for me that don't work for you. And that partially has to do with our gut bacteria and everything is inside of us that helps us digest.

But leave me a comment down in the comments down below. What do you eat after recovery, for your runs, for your hard work? I want to know, it's something I'm really interested in and it seems to vary a ton. So, leave me a comment, and stay tuned for more episodes of Runner’s High.

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