Making your bar soap last longer is not only great on your wallet, but great for the environment as you're able to reduce the amount of water needed to produce your personal soap needs. 

When you are using a high quality cold-process bar soap like we make, they're more sensitive to water unlike milled soap. We can talk about why cold-process soap is the superior choice over milled soap when you care about what goes on your skin in another article. But know that cold-process soap helps you control exactly what's getting in your soap and on your skin. 

Here's our best tips to make sure you get the absolute most out of your bar.

1. Keep it Dry as Long as Possible

This is a simple one on the surface, but can be a little more tricky in practice. It's easy to stick your bar in a shower caddy under the shower head or in an inset in your shower wall, but the bar is going to be in contact with little amounts of mist as your shower runs.

These little bits of mist aren't much by themselves, but added up, can cut your bar's life in half.

Our advice: put your bar soap on a rack where it can dry that is away from water. Between your shower curtains is a good optional place to store your bar when not in use.


2. Use Your Bar with a Washcloth or Sponge

Don't use your bar directly on your skin to prevent wasting soap.

Our skin is really bad at helping soap lather and a good lather is a key to maximizing your bar's longevity.

Why does lather matter?

Think about it this way: lather is kind of like a balloon.

When you use the bar soap on your skin it is like you are rubbing a balloon that hasn't been aired up on your skin. There's very little surface area and it's going to take way more balloons to cover you than if they're blown up.

When you rub the soap into a washcloth, sponge or some other slightly coarse surface it allows lather and foam to form. This is like blowing up your balloon. Now you have a much bigger surface area and don't need as many "balloons" to cover yourself when you are washing. 


3. Cut it in Half

This is a practice many of our customers use that goes along with point 1. If you cut the bar in half and store it away, the bar won't be exposed to water until you're ready to put it to use. 


Those are our top 3 ways to save your bar soap to make it last as long as possible.

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