Shield Natural Antifungal Bar Soap

(144 customer reviews)

“This soap is awesome. Smells nice and takes care of business.” – Cody P.

Our most popular shield soap to protect your whole body from fungus

Unlike regular soap, our plant-based soap uses a mixture of science based essential oils designed  to shield you from common skin fungus like jock itch, athlete’s foot and more BEFORE they become a problem.

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Every Day Protection Against Harmful Fungus

Lab studies have shown the essential oils in shield soap kill fungus that cause jock itch, athlete’s foot and more.

If you’re active at the gym, outside walking, running, cycling or any activity where you sweat: fungus is waiting for you. Sweat and dead skin cells are the perfect food for fungus to grow on your skin. And it can take 7-14 days before it ever appears as a rash. Shield soap uses a scientifically based blend of essential oils to kill fungus that can’t just be washed away.

Shield Soap vs Traditional Soap

Solpri’s Shield Soap

Traditional Soap

Kills Fungus & Gets You Clean

Certain kinds of fungus you pick up from gym equipment or showers while others, called your skin flora, live on your skin and sometimes overgrow in sweaty conditions. The essential oils in shield soap kills invading fungus or overgrowth of your natural skin flora. Helping you maintain a healthy natural skin profile while washing away dirt and bacteria.

Only Washes Away Surface Particles

Removes surface dirt and bacteria.

100% Natural Ingredients

Our handmade cold process soap is made using all natural ingredients. So you don’t have to be worried about what weird chemicals might react with your skin.

Harsh Chemicals & Ingredients

Traditional bar soaps often use lab derived ingredients to keep costs at a minimum. But these chemicals can cause rashes and skin irritations.

Natural Glycerin

Our handmade soap keeps your skin moisturized by retaining its natural glycerin.

No Glycerin

Traditional soap companies remove a soap’s glycerin to cheapen the bar. These bars often dry out your skin so those companies sell the glycerin back to you later in other products like traditional lotions.

Natural Fragrance

The essential oils in shield soap are plant-derived ingredients which give the soap its natural citrus and herby scent.

Artificial Fragrances

Artificial fragrances in traditional soap can smell nice, but often come with a side effect: skin irritation.

Made in USA

All of our skincare products, including this soap, are made in the US. So we can ensure you get the best quality ingredients vetted by professionals.

Made Elsewhere

Traditional soap companies sometimes use overseas workers to save on labor and materials.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Try any of our products. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason we’ll send you a 100% refund. No return necessary.

World Class Ingredients to Soothe And Moisturize Your Skin

Shield bars are made with a mixture of organic base oils so you can put the best quality ingredients on your skin.

Our shield bar’s organic base oils make sure you get a high quality clean. keep your skin moisturized, and soothed from the irritation of fungus.

The set it and forget it routine to keep your skin healthy

Using shield soap is the easiest way to keep your skin healthy without changing your routine.

We all sweat and have to take a shower. You’re going to use soap to get clean anyway. Once you’re using shield soap you will get a normal clean AND protection against fungus.

Our mission with shield soap is to make sure that you can be active and not have to worry about the itchy irritating effects of skin fungus that lurks in shared spaces.

Try it today backed with our 100% satisfaction guarantee and see how it can help you.

  • No Dyes
  • Cruelty Free
  • No Chemical Fragrances
  • 85% Organic Ingredients
  • Cold Process Soap
  • Made in USA at an USDA Organic Registered Facility
  • Contains Certified Sustainable Fair Trade Palm Oil
  • 4 oz bars

FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs

Organic Saponified oils of sunflower and/or organic safflower, organic coconut, and organic palm (with retained glycerin), essential oil blend of lemongrass, tea tree, orange, lime, rosemary and eucalyptus, annatto seed powder and or mineral oxide powder (for orange color).

144 reviews for Shield Natural Antifungal Bar Soap

  1. Hambone

    Had a problem other products couldn’t touch. I tried a “soap for athletes” that has tea tree and eucalyptus oils, and it worked better than prescriptions. However, it never fully cured me. After just a few days use I can tell a difference using Solpri! The other soap helped knock out about 90% of the problem, but 10% still remained. Solpri is working on the 10% the other soap couldn’t touch. I’ll sum it up:
    1. It works amazingly well!
    2. bar soap in simple package= less waste going into landfills, less plastic waste
    3. Made in USA
    4. It freakin works!!!
    Love it, will continue to use as long as it is made! 6 stars!

  2. Chris

    I love this soap, had been using defense soap for a while until I came across this. It smells much better than any other natural soap and it doesn’t dry your skin out. It’s is comparable in price to defense but it lasts longer in the shower making it a much better value. I can’t wait until they come out with a bigger pack to get costs down.


    like it works well

  4. A California Shopper

    I purchased the Solpri Shield for my son, he is pleased with it as it has helped with some issues he was having with his skin. Really appreciate the ingredient deck – no harsh chemicals, just essential oils in soap. This soap is a quality product and we’ll probably repurchase. Do keep in mind, this is a soft bar that will not hold up if you leave it in a wet soap dish or have the shower running on it – guys, keep it in a dry area of the shower!

  5. The Frog

    This soap is amazing, cleared up My back acne and does not dry out the skin also a great smell for a Man a fresh clean smell.

  6. Roseann

    I swear since I have been using this soap I have not had one single pimple on my face. This is a fabulous all over body bar.

  7. R Scott

    Purchased this for my hubby his feet sweat so badly and after a long day work they would smell awful. He started using this soap and so far the foot smell has disappeared.

  8. Amanda

    I’ve been using this soap for a little over a week, it seems to be working. I actually love the smell and it works for both me and the hubby.

  9. kennb

    Great soap! I’ll buy again.

  10. Kindle Customer

    This soap provided better relief than the various jock itch sprays I had used repeatedly but never with full relief. The soap is pleasant and provides a good clean feel after showering off.

  11. Robert Witmer

    This soap provided better relief than the various jock itch sprays I had used repeatedly but never with full relief. The soap is pleasant and provides a good clean feel after showering off.

  12. J. L. Perry

    really like this soap

  13. Steven wayne

    i’ve used anti fungal Soaps before ,but this one the best i’ve found.

  14. Joe

    Very good product! I will buy this again.

  15. Olag Siminov

    I use this for my feet. So far, so good.

  16. Dick

    works well in the shower.

  17. Blackfist

    Thoroughly pleased with the quality, scent and craftsmanship of these bars. These bars are great for an after the gym soap and give you that extra cleansing and funk removal with a nice ginger note. I use this as a shampoo as well and it leaves the hair soft and smelling good. I have used Defense, and Submission Soap in the past but I like the performance of Solpri better

  18. Adontai

    This soap is freaking awesome! I would have used profanity but not sure if that’s allowed on Amazon. I’m obsessed with bathing and feeling absolutely clean when I come out of the shower. This is it.

  19. Wagger

    I have been using tea tree soaps for years because I learned about the antibacterial qualities when I was a wrestler. I am a man who appreciates being clean without a perfume scented soap. It is the first time that I used this brand of soap and I am very satisfied. It smells nice but not too fruity. It lathers up nice without leaving a filmy feeling on my skin like regular soaps do. It leaves me feeling extremely clean and I like the way it makes my skin feel just right, not dry or greasy. It also helped soothe some poison ivy that I had on my arm and shoulders. It’s a little expensive but it’s worth it to me.

  20. Nando Navar

    It get me clean but it dries my skin, I’m always itchy all over that I ended up buying a backscratcher. Also, I have been breaking out a tad more than my Dial Bodywash.

  21. Amando

    It get me clean but it dries my skin, I’m always itchy all over that I ended up buying a backscratcher. Also, I have been breaking out a tad more than my Dial Bodywash.

  22. xxxxx

    Love the smell! It is a little drying but you do feel clean

  23. duane smith

    the best

  24. Gypsy

    This is the one .I have tried a lot of different fungal soap .nothing compares to this YES it is a little pricey but stop and think about how much it cost to go to doctors.And then to by over the counter products.that in the long run do not do the job.this soap dose the job and then some .clears up the fungal problems and then some levels your skin so nice and soft.this is my go to for eveyday now .And it smells grate to.

  25. Matthew Bates

    this soap smells pretty good. and helps with my tinea. if you run or bike a lot, try it out

  26. Kindle Customer

    This is a amazing product, and a great alternative to all the “Fighter Soaps” floating on the market. It smells amazing, lathers extremely well, and is made buy folks that really care about their product. Both my kids train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and use this on a daily basis after rolling. It’s even helped clear up my Folliculitis. I’m a customer for life. Get some right now.

  27. seaGal

    This soap is wonderful! I feel clean under hard water, and it’s clearing up my acne!

  28. Just me.

    It doesn’t lather much but it works.Fairly expensive but most anti-fungal soaps are. Doesn’t last long. I used up a bar in a 5 days taking a 5 minute shower a day.

  29. Timothy Bryant

    I wish it was a little cheaper, and lasted longer.

  30. Joshua Chaffee

    Smells great. A little goes a long way. Used it for cycling rash. Has worked great so far. Recommended.

  31. ray

    All i smell is lemon grass, no hints of anything else. way too expensive for a not so potent soap. i was expecting something beastie for that price. ill stick with dr. bronners tea tree soap. soothing, organic, works great and half the price for 2 bars!

  32. Amazon Customer

    Great soap! Washes dirt and even deodorant residue from skin and it doesn’t dry!!!!
    I always applied lotion after shower but after using this soap I don’t need to. It leaves my skin smelling great throughout the day and my skin feels much smoother than after using lotion.
    HIGHLY recommend!

  33. Doug Jones

    Works great!

  34. Mr Carrillo

    Use this soap for a week and didn’t see any results just a waste of money. On the plus side it does smell good.

  35. camellia knox

    I love the smell of this soap plus it helps with the itching I have been experiencing. It also leaves my skin very clean and moisturizing.

  36. Tony

    Unsure if it worked.

  37. Amazon Customer

    This soap is amazing.

  38. Kim Garay

    Smells nice. I’m seeing improvement in my skin fungus.

  39. M.grijalva

    smells like oranges. didnt do anything too great but make me smell like a bag of citrus fruit………

  40. JD

    This is really a great product. I loved the bright, fresh orange-y smell and it left me feeling clean and refreshed. However, there are two minor drawbacks…

    First, the soap is a bit ‘softer’ than competitor soaps – this means it gets mushy faster and doesn’t last as long. The second is price, it’s much more costlier than regular soaps and pricier than the competing brands. Add these factors together and you get a great soap at expensive price.

    I’d love to continue using Solpri, but it’s just not cost effective for me as this price point. If they were to do a competitively priced bar of soap… and a body wash (<--PLEASE!) I'd be ordering again and again. This isn't meant as a knock - I'm sure stuff like this isn't easy or cheap to make, it is a great product.

  41. Amazon Customer

    It’s seem to be working really well so for only after completing the first week of use.

  42. Kieffer

    Works great but a bit pricey .

  43. Max E Dumont


  44. W. R. Padgett

    I used it for jock itch. I could tell a difference after first use. I believe it will only get better with use. I will be buying more. Thanks for a good product that works.

  45. Amazon Customer

    Found this as substitute for a foot soap that I can no longer get from my podiatrist. I use foot soap for prevention of a mild form of athletes foot. This soap I have found to be just about the equivalent of the soap I needed. From my use of it, I have found it to be quite effective. It’s gentle on my skin and has a very pleasant and refreshing smell. I give this product a excellent rating.

  46. Raymond Spano

    so far so good

  47. Jan


  48. Amazon Customer

    as a soap in shower

  49. 2&3B4

    It has or produces a sudsy wash for areas on your body. Good item. Will buy again.

  50. Leah

    Would have given 4 1/2 stars if I could!

    My family loves this soap! I like the smell, which is much more pleasant than Defense soap, which is what we previously used. It cleans very well, and my skin is less dry than when using other soaps. We don’t have any particular skin problems (besides my husband’s athletes foot), but it seems to work very well on funky body odors and such. Yes, it is expensive, but I’ve paid more for soap in the past which wasn’t as good as this soap is!

    The only complaint I have is that it doesn’t last very long. We go through one bar in like a week, and we are not an overly clean type of family…LOL. Still, we are VERY happy with it.

  51. Chris

    I love this soap, had been using defense soap for a while until I came across this. It smells much better than any other natural soap and it doesn’t dry your skin out. It’s is comparable in price to defense but it lasts longer in the shower making it a much better value. I can’t wait until they come out with a bigger pack to get costs down.

  52. G.

    It doesn’t seem to work as well as a certain other well known antifungal soap bar. It also doesn’t last very long, maybe 1/3 as long as that other brand. The soap does lather and clean extremely well though.

    So, it’s about half the price but 1/3 the usage and maybe 80% the effectiveness of the soap I was using before.

  53. marcus h thomas

    Awesome works great and feels great

  54. savvyshopper

    For literally years I have had to use non-soap cleansers for bathing due to a skin problem. When I read the information about this soap, the natural ingredients, etc., I decided to give it a try just for a change. Well, I am delighted that I did. So far no sign of irritation on my skin and I really enjoy the smell and clean feeling I get after using this soap. I shall definitely purchase this product again and do recommend it for anyone who would like a change to a gentle skin cleanser that works well, smells great and is easy on the skin!

  55. Elizabeth

    With two boys in wrestling I wanted to make sure they stay clean and fungus free. This product seemed to help and it smelled good.

  56. Nate G

    Awesome soap

  57. grammadd

    We really like this anti-fungal soap by Solpri Shield. The best thing about it (besides it does what it’s suppose to) is it smells great — not like some Tea Tree products we’ve had before. If you gag on the smell, you tend not to use it. We like this soap a lot.

  58. Maria

    I wasnt sure at first if I was going to like it because of everything it had, since it’s all natural but, I really do actually. It leaves my skins soft and clean (no dryness like other soap) and it’s antifungal so it doing something good. The scent is a bit citrusie which I love. I really like this product so I will defenetly be buying it again in the future.

  59. Cnf

    This is the best soap I’ve found to prevent ringworm. I attend BJJ a few times a week and I use the soap daily. It has a citrus-y scent and cleans well.

  60. Oscar Maradiaga

    Good smell
    Right price

  61. jesse

    Really love this soap!

  62. Lord A.

    Okay, product

    Didn’t not work as expected.

  63. William

    I had a rash (which resembled a flush from a hot shower ) from using my deodorant soap long term. After two days my skin is back to normal.

  64. Hudson

    Pricey for 2 bars of soap it works ok but, 13.00 for 2 bars, C’mon man. I’ll look around marshalls or Ross more than likely I’ll find it in there clearance section

  65. Donna

    I love the scent and the size of the bar. I have/had a problem at times with candida and folliculitis, and this soap seems to have fixed it. At least, I haven’t had any at all since first using this, and I’m on bar number three.

    It does melt quickly, so I have arranged a spot outside the shower for it. It’s rather pricey too, but I’m willing to pay for it as long as it works. It’s definitely better than the alternative.

  66. Dhixon

    Did wonders for my skin. Would buy again.

  67. Jace M.

    I use this product to treat jock itch. It was not effective for me. It smelled good but was about like any other soap.

  68. Jkowalski

    Nice soap

  69. Roberto

    This soap is very effective. It’s strong. If you work hard and get dirty and stinky, this is your soap.

  70. rls

    I really like this soap. It is refreshing, pleasantly scented and doesn’t dry out your skin.

  71. John

    This works well for me but it’s important to follow the directions. Both to use washcloth, also a wire rack or soap saver for longevity of the bar and especially to allow the lather to sit on your body for awhile. The longer the better is what I’ve found to work well in keeping affected areas symptom free.

  72. Amazon Customer

    I bought this to help with my folliculitis and so far it has been very satisfying. It does not heal preexisting outbreaks but it has been effective in preventing new ones in the week or two i have been using it.
    It also smells great.

  73. Laurie

    Smells very good

  74. Blaze

    Awesome soap put it in a soap caddy and use with a wash cloth and it lasts

  75. James D.

    Works wonders for your skin. My skin is brighter, and has more color, it’s radiant. I love this soap.

  76. Saba

    ran out so quickly

  77. M. Potter

    Of similar products, for fighting fungus, this is the most helpful. The ingredients are similar to several liquid products I’ve tried, but this one works the best.

  78. Lucinda George

    Love how clean and fresh I feel. Love that my fungus on feet is cleaned up.

  79. MaryAnne Rybicki

    This soap works and smells so good. It cleans well and rids odor. The first use my skin felt amazing. It does not dry out the skin. Keep it out of the water or in an area where water will not pool around it because it softens quickly.

  80. Xanlthorpe

    I’m not real fussy when it comes to soaps so most are acceptable. This one is better than that. Light fragrance, lathers well, and rinses clean easily. It’s a bit pricey but I think it’s worth it for an American product.

  81. Reid

    Stairs my cloths

  82. AUfan4life

    love the smell and soap. dont last long for the price though!! Great customer service!!

  83. Wayne

    Is it a miracle soap ? No ! But it does what it says
    It does … And the Scent smells good to me . Coming from someone with major skin problems yes this soap helps !

  84. JB

    Nice smell, leaves no residue and you truly feel clean. Keep in a dry place as it will dissolve.

  85. Samuel Hutcherson

    I thought it was big enough but it’s not the smell smell good

  86. Jesus

    Great smell. Cleans great, doesn’t over dry

  87. Amazon Customer

    Solid soap. None of the antifungal soaps are my favorite, but help you feel clean after the gym. I like it.

  88. Grosszilla

    I did notice that it helped my feet. The texture is nice and it reminds me of tea.

  89. Amazon Customer

    Great soap very natural smell to it. I purchased this soap to clean off after training jiu jitsu and I haven’t had any foot or skin rashes/illness.

  90. Olga B

    Within one week the ringworm has diminished in size by 85% (without any additional treatments ).

  91. LaVerne Trailor

    Cost & Scent attractive. I used for Asia trip to avoid yeast infection. TSA accepts product with carry on luggage. Most products do not deliver as promised. THIS ONE DOES! Purchase 3, not 1; to save $. Delivery, as usual with Amazon; is prompt and product arrives undamaged. Effective, should use 2 or 3 times daily. Mosquito does not like this product. So, side effect less Mosquito bites when in Asia.

  92. Leslie Tillman

    I love the smell, feel, color, and results of this soap. It lathers great! I will be buying more.

  93. Strike Commando

    Look, I’m a rule-breaker. I absolutely do not listen to Solpri’s instructions on how to use this. I apply directly to the skin because l think luffas are for the weak. I walk into luffa town, crush my enemies, see them driven before me and hear the lamentation of the women. But yeah, I put the bar right up on the old grundle and have at it, and while Solpri says it will hasten the depletion of said bar of soap, I’m seeing it last just as long as all of the other handmade/natural bars of soap I’ve used until this point. I bought a 2-bar pack and the direct-used single bar lasts a good 2+ weeks each. Which means that if you’re a real renegade like myself, you can expect that 2 bars = 1 month, which isn’t bad. And I lather probably way more than needed for this slippery little bar. I direct-hit all the soft spots probably twice per shower, and it will get you super slicked up. They’re a little more pricey for how I use them but it’s my junk and I’ll soap it how I want!

  94. Truth@Real

    Like very much. The smell is pretty good, works so far for the body odor, even on someone that nothing else seems to work on. The are not very hard I like, just a bit expensive but it works

  95. John Bivens

    This soap does clean your skin very well. It also has a very pleasant odor. However it triggered my eczema during the first use. If you have eczema or sensitive I would not recommend this soap.

  96. kraken

    I really don’t like this soap because the bar is big and thick and hard to hold. The sharp corners on it make it hard to use. If it was round it off more it would be easier to hold but I still would not like the scent. It also does not leave me feeling as clean as another brand that I have used and I am going back to.

  97. Vivian L.

    Hi. Thanks for the opportunity to express how “I ” feel about your product. I have Eczema and have had to deal with it for 52 years. I have always used AveenoTherapy even when it was a prescription medicine. I am also a Registered Nurse for 35 years, so, I have been reluctant to try different products because I have been maintained successfully on this therapy. I have the big toe on each foot that is a little dark. I also, have possible eczema on both feet. I have used this soap, Solpri Shield, every day since I purchased it. Both toes look lighter. I showered with it; my skin on my hands and legs are a little dry, but they look better also. I don’t itch as often. I will let you know if this continues to work. Thank you!

  98. John

    Smells nice. Never noticed any real difference between this and regular soap. But, never developed fungus while using.
    Might be a Schrödinger’s cat type of situation (both yes and no till measured) but who knows

  99. Jessica

    I love the smell. It is a bit pricey tho

  100. Ashlee

    The soap has a nice smell but after using the soap consistently for a few days straight my skin is very dry.

  101. Amazon Customer

    Does not last long. Better buy plenty

  102. A very pleased user

    Always wanted an old-school soap. Great scent, lots of lather and leaving my skin feeling clean. Tried so many products and finally found the one product that has made showers fun again. Highly highly recommend. Thanks for creating this great product.

  103. Avangelis

    Bought this for face rash from the sweltering summer heat. The smell is pleasant and not off putting as you expect from this time of soap. The bar is huge. This will last for a time.

  104. J. Addison

    Like most products made with tea tree oil it’s a bit brisk. They’re sort of an icy, witch hazel under tone. Nevertheless, I never felt like it was hard for one moment and it has definitely kept its promises. I’m off and working outside for full days and this is just the best thing to soap up with whenever I take my shower afterwards.

  105. Richard Swanson

    Soap works good but is a little expensive.

  106. duane collins

    Excellent product. Very satisfied.

  107. steven algren

    Smells and works great!

  108. R. Dale Evans

    Seems to be keeping Seborreic Dermatitis under Control. We will see how it goes for long term control. I would say after some research, this would be safe to use on scalp and hair. Storing this soap in a travel container is a must or watch it dissolve away.

  109. Jose I. Martinez

    Ok soap.

  110. crc

    Good, clean feeling after using. Will buy again.


    I am liking it so far. It stops my skin itching. The scent is subtle. There’s a good chance I will buy this again

  112. Gert

    Use a cloth and “suds up” relatively dry. The bar lasts longer. A good soap; will buy again.

  113. Marie

    I really like the way i can take care and pamper my skin,in special i do use this soap in my pedicure,is unique,thanks

  114. Amazon Customer

    I use to get heat rashes under my breasts. This is the first summer I haven’t had to deal with the itching and pain.

  115. leonbendle

    I love this soap the smell is awesome!

  116. Honeybear

    My favorite soap. Smell wonderful. A must have for an athlete. A must for the gym…

  117. Stephanie

    Great for the whole family

  118. CowgirlsCountry

    I am using tjis soap on horses. Rain rot. Listerine seems harsh as they’ve rubbed some spots raw.
    I wet the soap bar and rubbed it on the rot. Did not do before or after pics. Should’ve. Its working . Now i dissovle a bar in water. Add it to my fly spray. Have purchased a second time. Highly recommend. Have had zero adverse effects.

  119. Jamie

    i have been using this soap for a full week and i really like it. smells fresh and is doing a great job.

  120. Nameless

    Love how my skin feels after using this soap. Has a good smell and foams up well. Made is usa

  121. valerie

    I was my hands a lot and this soap keep them from drying out. thank you

  122. Thomas Delli Carpini

    I have only been using the soap for a week it works good and will most likly buy more

  123. Diane Clement

    Just started using this soap for soaking my feet and treating toenail fungus. I have a good feeling about this . Too early for any results, but my feet feel like I am doing something special. Will have to update on the future.

  124. red011565

    plus I take one shower a day first one is almost done used it first time on Tuesday . Its Friday now almost done with first one would I buy again NO

  125. diane latimore

    Don’t really care for it

  126. Research B4Buy

    This is an excellent therapeutic soap! I believe it helps with acne and other skin issues. I am
    pleased with this product!

  127. Dallas Dowden

    Great product! I won’t be without it, effective without being harsh.

  128. Contessa

    It’s not just for people who have a fungal problem. I truly love everything about it. Although, some may not like the fragrance. It’s gone in a few minutes


    I love it.

  130. Lorenzo Glover


  131. Jorge Ruiz

    i dont see any of the fungus going away i been using it for a while and i dont see any improvement

  132. R. KANE

    I have noticed a big improvement with my skin using this soap and it protects you when outside. A real winner. Smells so good as well.

  133. Ryan Keilback

    Been using this for about a week with no complaints. It smells nice, not unlike any other soap you’d have in your bathroom and if you don’t leave it sitting in water it will last quite while. My bar looks as if it has onlt been used once and I’ve used it everyday. Great lather too. I’m sure I’ll buy this again.

  134. gz


  135. Tracy

    Cool color, smells like tea tree product.

  136. Debra Lowry

    Made my feet extremely dry & peeling

  137. DocBrown

    Great smell, great feel, great product! I feel like I found the soap I’ll be using the rest of my life when I first tried this product. I encourage you to take a gander.

  138. BERT MAN

    I liked the cent. I use it to scrub my infected toe nails. so far so good.

  139. Tony

    The soap effectively works providing a clean scent and a moisturizing factor leaving my skin glowing and feeling fresh.. The fungus between my toes is disappearing one daily scrub at a time!

  140. Amazon Customer

    Very nice soap. I finally feel like my skin is clean after the gym. The soap smells really good.

  141. Gonzalo Martinez

    Thank u

  142. review7788

    very good soap

  143. Leonard Rideaux

    Love it

  144. Ryan (verified owner)

    I am picky about all the skin products I use. The Solpri antifungal bar is by far my most favorite soap. Store bought stuff is typically filled with garbage ingredients to make the smell good (which smells fake to me). I love this bar not only as a soap but I use it as a shave bar as well!

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