At-Home Sweat Test

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Determine your exact level of electrolyte loss through your sweat with an easy to use at-home sweat test.

Prevent cramping, headaches and poor performance by learning

  • Your Sweat Number on a scale from 300 to 3000.
  • How much fluid to drink per hour.
  • How to adjust your hydration strategy to your personal needs

Sweat test includes: testing kit + digital results

Lab quality results from the comfort of your own home. 

$69.00 $129.00 -47% OFF

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Product description

Don't Gamble with Your Race

Know How Many Electrolytes You Need

You've got a big race coming up and you know you are going to have to hydrate to get the most out of your body.

But do you know how to hit that sweet spot of water and salts in your drink to get your peak performance?

Or are you going to gamble by guessing?

If you take in too many electrolytes then your drink can leave you feeling just as thirsty as when you started. Because your body wants just water to balance out the level of electrolytes to match your body's normal levels.

If you take in too few electrolytes but a lot of water during a race - that can lead to water poisoning. Which can give you a headache, make you throw up and causing general confusion.

Not the best situation when you're trying to race your hardest.

So long personal best!

We all sweat different amounts of electrolytes based mostly on our genetics.

Because we all have different genetics there is no perfect one-size fits all sports drink.

Which means you need to focus on a specific plan that fits you so you can have the best race and training results possible.

That's why we invented Sync: a sports hydration drink with different levels of electrolytes to more closely match your personal electrolyte profile.

Electrolyte loss through sweat varies by person from 300-3000 milligrams per liter.

The difference between those two numbers is like the difference between someone who can lift a 4-year old child and someone who can lift a giant panda. It's a big difference!

The only way to know for certain how many electrolytes you lose and need to replenish is with a sweat test.

You can now do the test in the comfort of your own home without going to a lab.

Order Your Sweat Test Today to Nail Your Race Hydration Strategy

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