Total Body Swim Care Pack

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The total body solution to any swimmer’s battle with chlorine.

Wash, Condition, Moisturize. 3-Steps with our plant-based formulas to ensure you’re a happy swimmer. Using Vitamin C to eliminate chlorine you’ll never have to feel dry from swimming again.

The 100% No-Itch Guarantee

We guarantee our products will eliminate chlorine itch and odor to your satisfaction or we’ll send you a full refund.

$43.00 $48.00 -11% OFF

Solpri's Guarantee: If you aren't satisfied for any reason we will replace or refund your order 100%. No return required

Product description

Backordered until July 15th. Orders containing this item will ship at that time. 

The secret to our powerful chlorine destroying formula is the use of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C means you get a power packed punch of wholesome ingredients to keep your skin and hair safe from chlorine.

Included in the Total Body Swim Care Pack:

1 Bottle of Swim Shampoo/Body Wash

1 Bottle of Swim Conditioner

1 Bottle of Swim Lotion.

Together they create complete swim body care.

Step 1. Wash Your Hair and Body with the Swim Shampoo/Body Wash

Step 2. Condition Your Hair with the Swim Conditioner

Step 3. Rinse Conditioner Off and Pat Yourself Dry

Step 4. Apply Lotion to Skin to lock in moisture and nourish your skin.

  • Safe for color treated hair
  • Made in USA
  • Sulfate Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Each Bottle is 8 Fl Oz (24 total Fl Oz for the Set)
  • Plant-Based Formula to Keep You Safe

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Amber X Van Cleave
Appreciate unscented!

My partner and I have scent sensitivity. I love the shampoo/body wash. It is scent free and does what it is supposed to. I like to travel with it to substitute for smelly soaps in hotels, etc. The conditioner and lotion have more of a strong scent than I expected, and the scent lingers. I expected essential oils that would dissipate quickly, but the label says “fragrance,” so I did not read carefully. I will order the shampoo again, but I wish the other two products came in “unscented.”

Maya's Mom
We couldnt be more satisfied with the product and their customer service

Our daughters have been spending a lot of time in the pool. It took a massive toll on their hair. We chose Solpri shampoo and conditioner and we couldnt be more satisfied with the product and their customer service. Weve tried other conditioners on our kids but they all left a greasy film when their hair was dried. This didnt happen with Solpri. Their hair was silky smooth and recovered quickly from the chlorine abuse. Highly recommended.

This is an A #1 product

Absolutely great! I have been a swimmer for many years and have tried many body washes, soaps etc... to remove the chlorine after swimming with no luck. In the past I would sometimes think that a particular product worked and then as soon as I put lotion on after I showered, the chlorine smell would come back so I knew the body wash or soap didn't remove the chlorine. The very first time I tried the Solpri Shampoo and Body wash I felt that it was different.....all the chlorine smell was gone. Then I did the test....applied the same lotion I was using before and Bingo! all of the chlorine smell was gone. I really like the fact that the formula is thicker because a little goes a long way and it spreads great, rinses off clean and smells great! I'm not a chemist but the ingredients look "top shelf".....many organic ingredients...just seems like it is extremely high quality. I also bought the Lotion which is outstanding!! Spreads great, smells great and also removes chlorine as an extra kicker. This is an A #1 product! I'm thankful that I finally found it.

Kilees bud
This shampoo and conditioner have helped stopped the awful itching

I'm very impressed! We have well waster and my hair has suffered some really obvious damage and fall. It's been one of the most difficult aspects of moving across country in fact.
This shampoo and conditioner have helped stopped the awful itching that no other shampoo has helped!!! It's such a relief!

It is difficult to review this product

It is difficult to review this product - on the one hand, it absolutely removes the chlorine or chemical pool smell from one's hair and body after swimming (which is its main purpose). With that said, the shampoo completely strips the hair making it "squeaky clean" which is not good for hair and the conditioner weighs down one's hair for a very flat look after it has dried. Also, one's hair really looks dull after using these products. This product would be much better if it was similarly effective with the chlorine removal, but gentler and more nourishing for one's hair.

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