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Shield Series Antifungal Products

Our shield series of products is intended to keep your skin healthy and free of irritating conditions like athletes, jock itch and more.

For daily use check out any of our bar soaps, shampoo bars or body washes.

For spot treatment of tough to crack problems try our cream for skin.

Sync Series Hydration Products

The Sync series is designed to do one thing: cater to your personal loss of electrolytes to keep you hydrated.

Take our at home sweat test to get a lab quality reading on your losses or estimate them with our sweaty hat guide.

Each of us loses a different amount of salt in our sweat based largely on our genetics.

10% of profit generated by Sync Products are donated to non-profits helping build sustainable water sources in developing countries.

Swim Series Anti-Chlorine Products

The original series that started Solpri.

If you’re in the pool at all then you know: chlorine is a problem. It dries out skin, hair, makes you have that unique “pool” scent and can even cause rashes.

Our swim series is designed to break up the chlorine on you naturally with Vitamin C and restore your skin and hair back to its previous glory.

Skin Saving Products

No matter what sport you do, chafing can be a problem.

Save your skin before you have problems.

Our anti-chafe balm helps prevent chafing by forming a barrier on your skin with 4 all-natural ingredients.



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